How to get BCM



  • 1. Moving account en mass to category
    When I did an ACT! import, all of the contacts I'd flagged as "hot prospect" are grouped under the account "hot prospect" instead of their business as account. Is there a way I can flag all of those "hot prospect" accounts as the category "hot prospect" in mass instead of one by one?
  • 2. Distibution lists / mailing lists
    Hi I need to build several distribution lists and for this I have categorized my entries in both the contractmanager and the adress lists ("contacts"). My problem is that these categories ar not visibel at any given time - specifically when I build the distributionlist. Thus I can not quickly see the what people to add to the list? Also alternativly I need to send the mail to several people but when select more than one the option to send a mail does not appear. For this reason alone the MSOffice seemes rather useless, in a situation that I would find is a daily task - or is there a shortcut? Regards Per
  • 3. Business Contact Manager cannot find database
    My IT Manager recently created a new Login on my laptop and now Business Contact Manager cannot find my database. It created a new (empty file) MSSmallBusiness2.mdf and MSSmallbusiness2.ldf file. I found my original .mdf and .ldf files under the local settings\app data\bcm folder under the old user login and copied it in but it still won't recoginze it. Even tried renaming to the MSSmallbusiness2.mdf and 2.ldf but it still doesn't recognize it. HELP please!
  • 4. I cannot figure out to link publisher with outlook...frustrated
    I have updated to office 2007 and vista...I want to send an email as a message not an attachment, but I can't link outlook to the publisher. I have tried everything but I still get the set up office manager with the startup do you restart that to make sure it is correct???? all day wasted.....
  • 5. How can I set permissions in BCM?
    We recently set up a database but would like to restrict the users from deleting records. How is this done?

How to get BCM

Postby UGF0dGk » Sun, 19 Nov 2006 01:45:01 GMT

I have Windows XP.  How do I acquire BCM?  Thanks, Patti

RE: How to get BCM

Postby R3V5IExhcGllcnJl » Mon, 20 Nov 2006 00:36:01 GMT

You have to purchase Office 2003 Professional or Small Business Editon.
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BCM 2003 has been a disaster solution since it does not allow us to send 
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"There is no such thing as a stupid question, just stupid answers"

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4.Getting Old bcm database to new PC with BCM Installed

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5.(revised) INSTALL BCM - uninstall BCM - install BCM - still no BCM

An Addendum - 10 minutes later) 
I just went into the DATA FILE MANAGEMENT setting on OLK (outlook) and added 
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restore - move - or add contact to my old BCM contact database. (from a 
previous version of outlook).  SO - my problems are reduced to ADDING THE BCM 
TOOLBAR to the top of my OUTLOOK 2003 window.
I have the OUTLOOK CONNECTOR showing but no BCM.  thanx again - in advance - 
"Drix" wrote:

> HI - whew - please help me get my OUTLOOK w/bcm to show my BC's again.
> I excitedly have the fat 2 disk set of OFFICE SBM 2006. It works but for the 
> BCM (the second most important part after email).  In increasingly desperate 
> attempts to get it to function correctly, I read and did most of what was 
> suggested here in this forum.  I put in CD ONE to put in OUTLOOK, put in CD 2 
> to added BCM (and accounting) and after several attempts of install and 
> un-install and re-install I got it to work - BUT with NO TOOLBAR. sigh... 2 
> days full of frustrating hours I have NO BCM, NO TOOLBAR and NO MORE CLUES as 
> to what to do. 
> PULEEEEZE TEAM MS - help me get back to work here.  
> FEEDBACK CLUES: The registry (as in another post) says: REGDWORD (3) and 
> I've done ALL of the updates.  BIG CLUE - I also re-installed WINXP (pro) and 
> noticed it added me (log in name) twice, once as DRIX (primary) and NOW I'm 
> DRIX.millhouse (my network) with my other programs still listed there but w/o 
> functionality to them. (sigh again...)  PULEEEZE help me kidz - im losing 
> time - patience - AND the names/numbers to MY CLIENTS!!!!!!! (yikes!) 
> THANX - I'll be here waiting for your holy words of cure.  
> Drix

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