How come bcm for my pocket pc doesn't sync accounts that have no contacts?



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How come bcm for my pocket pc doesn't sync accounts that have no contacts?

Postby James » Thu, 13 Oct 2005 08:42:15 GMT


How come bcm for my pocket pc doesn't sync accounts that have no contacts? 

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PC is running BCM with SP1
Pocket PC (HP4705) is running Windows Mobile 2003 2nd Edition Ver: 4.21.1088
Active Sync version 3.8.0

After I sync'd the Pocket PC with my BCM, when I go to view the accounts, 
Pocket PC BCM gives me two options:
1. Name ... which lists all the contacts in BCM
2. Company  .... it lists a few accounts that apparently have some data in a 
"company" field, which I am not aware of in BCM, there does exist a 
"company" field in basic OUTLOOK

Either I have a database problem, or Pocket BCM is slightly brain damaged, 
by not giving one the ability to list by "account"

Thanks for your help ... Ted 

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i would like to know if there is any upgrade coming for users of outlook 2003 
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as it stands, BCM information is only available for a desktop and cant be 
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if no fix is coming, is there another syc program that will sycronize 
"business contacts" and "business contact history" with a pocket pc?

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