Outlook should let me schedule a series of tasks



  • 1. Merging a Customized Field. Date Only. BCM exports also Time
    Hi Guys, I creates a custom field using "Date/Time" template. and selected only the date. However, no matter what I choose, BCM only generates this kind of data: 30/3/2008 00:00:00 I can pick up any other option from "Date/Time", but BCM always generate this kind of date, and always includes time as well. Is there a way to fix that? I want to implement a date only field. Thank you very much
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    I have a particular category, with several business contacts assigned to it, that when I search (with Windows desktop search) with the category name as the search criterion, returns no results. As a problem solving step, I went through each contact in the category, removed the category, and then reassigned each contact to a new category but the search still does not return any contact with the new category name. By the way, if I sort my business contacts by category, all the contacts with the particular category are correctly sorted under the relevent category name. So it sorts by the category, but doesn't return correct search results based on the same category. ???
  • 3. Outlook 2007 - Business Contact Manager
    I can view and open Business Contacts. I can view but not open Business Account records or Business Project records. I have checked that Business Contact Manager / Database Tools is pointing to the right pc and the right database otherwise the Business Contacts would not be displayed. However I can not see the Accounts and Projects. Any ideas on how to resolve?
  • 4. Sort Business Projects By Account?
    I would love to set up BCM so that I can get a view of all of my Business Projects sorted by Account, and Project Tasks for each Business Project, i.e. Account 1 >Project 1 >Task 1 >Task 2 >Project 2 >Task 1 Account 2 >Project 1 etc. This way I would have an organized view of everything that I have to accomplish. Is it do-able? If not, how about at least sorting project tasks by Account? I tried to do this by customizing the open business projects list (thanks Clinton Ford), but when I set up a My Open Business Projects search folder to sort by Account, nothing shows up in the Account column. How do I get it to recognize my added accounts? Also, will I have to update the search folder every time I add a project or an account? (defeats the purpose. . .) Thanks in advance!
  • 5. linking imported business contacts to accounts
    Hi, I've just imported all of my Outlook 2007 contacts into Business Contacts in BCM2007. I then set up an excel spreadsheet so that I could reove duplicate companies so that I could import them as Accounts (BCM2003 did this easily via a wizard that seems to be missing from BCM2007 - you can import only as Business Contacts, not as Accounts - unless someone has found a way) Anyway, having taken that pain & hassle, I then want to link my Accounts & Business Contacts to each other... interestingly, all of the Business Contacts are linked to Accounts, but none of the accounts are linked to Business Contacts. So, the question that I'm asking (& answer probably dreading!!) is is ther an easy way to complete this linking or do I have to unlink them all & then re-link them? Regards Colin Foster

Outlook should let me schedule a series of tasks

Postby Y3BmYXVzZXI » Fri, 26 Nov 2004 00:59:07 GMT

ACT allows you to build a series of related tasks (i.e. tasks when you sign a 

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1.Create a reusable series of scheduled tasks

When an employee leaves our company, there are a number of things that need 
to happen, some of which occur on a timeline.  For example, they give 
notice.  On the morning of their last day, I disable their alarm 
code..during the day I setup changes to voicemail and email processing...at 
end of day I flip the switch on the voicemail and email changes and 
disable/change usernames/passwords for various systems...at one month I 
delete their mailbox...etc, etc, you get the idea.

I'd like a way to create a workflow or a series of reminders, tasks, 
whatever...so when, for example, an employee leaves, I can easily create a 
whole set of tasks to accomplish for that event.  It seems to me that we 
should be past the days of having to work off a simple checklist and 
manually create/schedule all the tasks that must be accomplished for a 
particular scenario.  I'd like to pick a scenario - "New Employee", 
"Employee Leaving", "Employee Fired", and have a preconfigured collection of 
tasks/reminders ready to fire according to a predetermined schedule.

Can Office somehow do this?

Thanks in advance for all comments.


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How do I create a series of tasks with different due dates to a main task(ex. 
2 weeks before, 1 week before)?  I would like to be able to resuse it with 
different events.

3.Task series like ACT's 'activity series' for Outlook

Does anyone know of third party software that would provide something similar 
to the Activity Series in ACT.  The same task are performed for different 
clients,  from a start date of before a due date.  Entering the same 
repetitive tasks for each client is cumbersome and impossible to keep up 
with.  There are ever so many so called 'add-ons' for ACT, are there any for 
Outllook that would duplicate this feature, or at least come close? 

I've google'd and find nothing that matches.  Anyone have ideas?

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After creating a recurring meeting in outlook 2003, switching over to the 
scheduling tab defaults to todays date. opeing as this occurance only the 
scheduling tab shows the date of the meeting. However, after openning the 
series, the scheduling tab starts with todays date and not the date of the 
first occurance. Is there a fix for this?

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