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  • 1. Archive information
    Hi What stratie people use to archive old account or projetc in the BCM. i woul like to make some cleaning?
  • 2. BCM not linking automatically
    I'm currently using BCM V2 and it is not linking all of my emails. It worked fine in V1. Currently Autolinking is turned on, and all contacts have the appropriate check mark, as well as all of the folders. I've also run the "search an autolink" and it still does not find the emails. Yes, I can manually link without a problem.
  • 3. Install shield appears to launch the setup routine for BCM XP 2003
    This may have been asked before but I cannot find any solutions so Whenever I load or remove any software Install shield appears to launch the setup routine for MS BCM between 2 and 6 times. This results in failed loads/unloads and is getting more than annoying. Does anyone have any ideas Thanks Running XP home and MS small business version of Office 2003 all fully updated
  • 4. question about accounts, contacts and opportunities
    Hi there, I run a direct selling business (tupperware) and am trying to use the BCM to assist me when I'm at a party. With direct selling, your customers attend a party at the residence of the hostess. I was setting up the host as an account, and the custmers as contacts. Here is where my problems start: A host can be a contact at another party, contacts can attend multiple parties. Also: with the opportunities, I'm trying to get the total to be displayed and a difference between opportunities now, and completed. What can I do???? thanks, Agnes

Office 2K small business tools

Postby TWlrZXl0ag » Sat, 02 Jul 2005 06:59:02 GMT

I installed Office 2K and the small business tools part of the program does 
not seem to have installed (neither did Publisher 2k for that matter).  Tech 
support did not have the info on that program..the small business tools which 
has a small business customer manager, and other things.

Anyone have any ideas how to see if it's there, how to activate it (the book 
doesn't say much either), etc??


Re: Office 2K small business tools

Postby Luther » Sat, 02 Jul 2005 07:56:08 GMT

BCM doesn't work with Office 2000.

Try your question on

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