Upgrading from XP 2003 to Vista 2007 - Missing Contacts History



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Upgrading from XP 2003 to Vista 2007 - Missing Contacts History

Postby Q2hyaXN0aW5l » Wed, 13 Feb 2008 22:36:03 GMT

I have moved my current BCM database from one PC to another and upgrading 
from Outlook 2003 (XP) to Outlook 2007 (Vista).

I have exported the data from my old computer, placed it in a shared folder 
and then imported it into my new BCM. This has worked fine except that it 
hasn't imported any of the history which was attached to most of my records.

When I imported there was a check to tick for importing everything which was 
ticked, so I'm really not sure why this isn't happening.

Can someone give me a few pointers?



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