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  • 1. Does BCM 2003 work with Outlook 2003 and Exchange 2003
    According to what I have read it only works in this configuration if you have Exchange on SBS. ???????????? L Marcus
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  • 3. Error Messages - BCM Installed on Outlook 2003
    I recently installed BCM on Outlook 2003 on both a tablet pc and a laptop. After installing I went to office updates and installed all of the related updates. On both systems when I initially open Outlook I get up a pop-up message that says: "Business Contact Manager - The folder you specified cannot be found". I press the OK button and the message then pops up again and I have to keep pressing OK. This happens about 6 or 7 times each time I open Outlook then Outlook w/BCM seems to operate fine as does BCM until the next time I reboot when I must go through the same process again. This is happening on both the laptop and the tablet. Other Outlook add-ins that I have installed on both machines include the OneNote 2007 Outlook Add-in, Newsgator Inbox, newsgator nntp plug-in, Outlook Connector for MSN and that is about it. Has anyone else had this problem and know of a solution?
  • 4. BCM ALSO STANDS FOR Broad Com Modem! Don't Delete!
    After pouring through all of the messages on the Business Contact Manager, looking for how I might be able to undo the harm done when I installed the recent update to Outlook with it, for hours, I finally decided to do what many recommended. Use the Control Panel's Add/Remove feature to get rid of BCM. BAD IDEA! "BCM" is NOT how the Business Contact Manager appears in the Add/Remove Software (or Programs) list. It appears as an "MS Outlook with Business Contact Manager" listing. "BCM" stands for Dell's standard modem installed on many if not most Dell computers. Delete THAT... .and you'll delete your ability to access the internet! Then you get to spend a few more hours trying to figure out what happened while you rebuild your system from SCRATCH.
  • 5. BCM not installed with Office 2007 Small Business
    Business Contact Manager is supposed to be a part of Office 2007 Small Business, but it did not install. I tried reinstalling, but it did not help.

BCM beta-Marketing Campaigns

Postby QnJhZCBXLg » Thu, 20 Jul 2006 01:07:02 GMT

I have sucessfully used the marketing campaign feature of BCM 2007 several 
times, however when I attempted to utilize it again, when I clicked the 
launch (to Word Merge), the system doesn't react-seems to stall-timeout.  Any 
help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

RE: BCM beta-Marketing Campaigns

Postby QnJhZCBXLg » Thu, 20 Jul 2006 01:27:02 GMT

The problem is resolved- I ran the diagnostics and though it only indicated a 
conflict with an earlier version of outlook (which isn't listed in the 
Add-Remove programs), it now seems to be functioning.

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