Business Contact Manager Crashes when Designing Forms



  • 1. BCM vs Outlook Contacts (mirror?)
    Is there any way to mirror BCM with Outlook Contacts. I like the functionality of BCM but it would be better in they were Outlook Contacts. They would come up easily in my phone instead of having to lauch a program. And they would be able to come up in Outlook Web Access. I've tried copying and pasting into Outlook Contacts but if updates happen they obviously don't update.
  • 2. Can't install Business contact Manager software - server error...?
    A friend suggested I install the Business Contact Manager application that came with my purchased Office Professional 2003. I did so (successfuly it would seem) but when I tried to activate it, I got an error message that sent me to the Microsoft site for a downloadable fix. There I found 3 required downloads, which I then installed. After restarting my computer I then got a "server error" - and the application installation (Biz Contacts Mgr) kept aborting. Thinking it may have been the sequence in which I loaded the actual application and then downloaded the hot fixes, I decided to remove the application using Control panel, so I could reinstall it. This didn't help either. I have no idea why I get the particular error about a server when I try to install the application via the installation wizard (setup file on CD). HELP! What could be the source of my problem? I have no idea what I need to do to get this thing working? -- -thanks kindly for sharing your experience and wise tips; I really appreciate the help. artemis
  • 3. Mail Merge - how to access home addresses
    I am trying to create a mrkting campaign from my business contacts & accounts. I would like to use several client's home addresses for the mail merge - however the database fields don't allow this option. I need to be able to access clients home addresses for mailings, as items often need to be directed to their home vs. their business. I have clicked the box "use as mailing address" when entering client information into the home address field, however this does not seem to work. Please advise on how I can do this. Thank-you -- Cheryl
  • 4. Linking to an access database
    I'l trying to make address and contact info visible to people using our acess database. I thought I would link to the .dbopublicaccountsview and make a drpdown list so you could look up the account in access then link it to our records in access. I can see "fullname" in table view but when I try to include it in the dropdown it is not visible, I assume it's because it is a memo field. How do I efficiently make it so people using my access database can easily see address info for the business account?
  • 5. Can BCM be set up for groups?
    We currently use Maximizer and are considering upgrading to Office 2007. I'm wondering if BCM can replace Maximizer? Right now, the Maximizer database in on our server. Each desktop is mapped to the server location. Individuals log on via his/her own login and password so he/she can only see his/her own contacts. Can BCM work this way, too? We need a central database because we do a lot of marketing campaigns, so it's not efficient for each person to have his/her "own" database. If BCM doesn't do this, what MS product does, and what is the cost? Thanks!

Business Contact Manager Crashes when Designing Forms

Postby REo » Mon, 26 May 2008 06:45:01 GMT

I have attempted to design a new form for my Opportunities.  Every time I try 
the systems crashes (twice.)  It auto restarts and crashes again, and then 
auto restarts without crashing.

I have XP SP3, and Office 2007 Compatibility SP.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


RE: Business Contact Manager Crashes when Designing Forms

Postby REo » Mon, 26 May 2008 07:00:00 GMT

Oh yeah,  I also installed Outlook 2003 post-Service Pack 2 hotfix package: 
January 23, 2006

Re: Business Contact Manager Crashes when Designing Forms

Postby Luther » Thu, 29 May 2008 06:21:50 GMT

Designing BCM Outlook forms is not supported.

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