Outlook should allow me to "complete" appointments & meetings



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    Assuming: BCM 2007 - Windows Vista - Shared database - 2 users - 2 desktops When I right click an opportunity and choose "Create New Appointment for Opportunity," it opens the appointment window. I fill it all in and it shows up on MY main calendar. The "appointment" only shows up on my main calendar, although in the contact's "history," the appointment DOES show as a "Meeting." Can anyone assist me in figuring out the best scenario for setting up our service appointments so that they show up in the same calendar which then will issues reminders or show up in the main Outlook window when starting Outlook? I know how to share a calendar, and I know how to use the company calendar in Exchange. Just not sure what is the best practice for being able to see our BCM Contacts' service appointments at a glance on either of our computers. Does this make sense? Thanks! Anya
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    Is there a way that I can access a business contact profile from my calendar? I noticed that I can set an appointment through a specific Customer profile by clicking on add an appointment, but when I do this the Customer name does not appear in the slotted appointment....and more interesting, it doesn't appear I can get back to the Customer profile when I click on the appointment that was scheduled through the manual "add and appointment" approach. Suggestions?
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    I ran a file restore of the .ost andf .pst files in Outlook. Now when I open Outlook, I get the following message: "outlook is using an old copy of your offline folder file (.ost). Exit Outlook, delete the .ost file, and restart Outlook. A new file will be automatically created the next time you initiate a send/receive" The file is 2.28 MB, and I'm worried that if I delete it, I'll lose my Sent Items, Contacts, etc. If I delete it will the new one that is created maintain all of my information? -- Randy Bratton
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    I am customizing the contact form in Business Contact Manager. I want a field (that I'll label "Notes") and it will be a text field. However, that text field on the form is limited as to the amount of information that can be entered by the user. Is there a way to make this longer ... or even unlimited? Thanks a bunch! -- Sammy

Outlook should allow me to "complete" appointments & meetings

Postby Y3BmYXVzZXI » Fri, 26 Nov 2004 00:55:03 GMT

So they can be tracked as history by contact and get crossed off when 
completed or missed or cancelled.

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That is what I'm trying!!

"Brian Tillman" wrote:

> Reema Gupta <Reema  XXXX@XXXXX.COM > wrote:
> > When I schedule a recurring task with reminder, it should allow me to
> > mark the task as "Completed" when the reminder window gets open up
> > Because only when I mark the task as complete, new task for will be
> > generated as per the recuurence pattern set. The reminder window has
> > the option as DISMISS which I mistakenly select and the task remains
> > there in my task list but without reminder and hence no use of hacing
> > such task. You should work on enhancing the user friendly pop-ups
> > related to resurring task only. 
> Make a wish.  Write to outwish at microsoft dot com.
> -- 
> Brian Tillman

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Thanks for your help.


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