Emails not auto linking in BCM 2003



  • 1. how do I get emails to show up in opportunities history
    I see them in the contact itself but it does not show up in opp history. I dont even see it as an option to add them manually. So now I have to look at opp first, then read the name, manually look up the contact to view email history? Seems lame.
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    In BCM there is an Action menu, is it possible te create a word doc from within outlook, and when this doc is saved it will be linked to the BCM contact.. I have to do this manual now... thanx! TheB
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    I can link contacts in Outlook to Accounts in BCM but not vice versa. In order to link the contacts in Outlook to the Accounts in BCM I just go to the bottom left of the card and click Contacts, expand the BCM folder, select Accounts, then the account I want and click OK. This creates a named link on the card where it says Contacts and I can just double click it to open the BCM card I want. However, I can't do something similar from BCM to Outlook. Basically I just want to set it up so I can go between the 2 easily. I've tried looking thru the BCM guide and can't find the solution. Any ideas? -- BPB

Emails not auto linking in BCM 2003

Postby Q2hhZA » Sun, 23 Sep 2007 06:28:01 GMT

Emails used to auto link to Business Contacts but won't anymore unless the 
email is generated from the Business Contact record.

I tried reinstalling BCM but that didn't help.

Any ideas why or how to fix?  Thanks!

RE: Emails not auto linking in BCM 2003

Postby Q2hhZA » Tue, 25 Sep 2007 21:26:00 GMT

After further review, it appears that only emails from people *outside* my 
company are linking.  Emails from those in my company are not.??

On a possibly related note, my company recently changed the underscore 
between everyone's first and last name to a dot in our email addresses.  I 
noticed the email field in Business Contact record automatically updated to 
the dot...

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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