I have a paragraph sign in e-mail. How do I get rid of it.



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    The way we have set up BCM we will add opportunities to Business Contacts. When creating the opportunity and selecting the "link" (link to an account or a business contact) it always defaults to Accounts. This is a bit frustrating. Is it possible to change so that when linking the opportunity the Business Contacts are displayed immediatley? Regards, Tim
  • 2. BCM/Pub Marketing Campaign Woes
    I am using Publisher to create an email marketing campaign in BCM. Everything seems great so far, except when I run a test and email myself, the email I receive has unexplained white vertical rows (as if in a table) accross the entire page. I have tried running tests changing one thing at a time, started the entire process from scratch several times (as well as generating the whole email in a table to override the rows) and right when I think I've gotten around these phantom rows, they pop up again with no rhyme or reason. Does anyone know what they are, or more importantly, how to get rid of them so I can send out my campaign??
  • 3. Business Contact Manager Contact problems
    When copying contacts from my normal Outlook 2007 to BCM I get an error message for some of them saying that the recoerd cannot be copied because "data in hidden field..... currently has a length of 8775. This exceeds the maximum allowed length of 8000". Anyone out there that can help me to resolve this please? Thanks

Re: I have a paragraph sign in e-mail. How do I get rid of it.

Postby Luther » Wed, 07 Dec 2005 07:02:51 GMT

Try microsoft.public.outlook. Bcm doesn't affect the content of emails.

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