alternate e-mail id's



  • 1. How do I run Outlook as the administrator to reactivative add-in
    BCM shows up in the Trust Center as disabled. I cannot reactivate it without being the adminstrator (which I am on this computer, my personal laptop) How do I sign into Outlook as an administrator?
  • 2. Auto Add Contacts?
    Is there a way for Outlook w/ BCM to automatically add contacts from my emails sent? Or at least have a pop up that asks me if I want to add the email recipient to my database? Is there a way to do this for incoming emails, too?
  • 3. can't connect to server db
    Recently moved db for outlook 2007 under sql server 2005. Problem is that just owner of the databse only now can be conncted to this db - no one more. To conncet another person we need to change ownership othe database . Any assignements of connect, dbo, sysadmin auth-ies doesn't make visiable the db in the outlook list of the db's to connect. But it's possible to connect to db in command prom anyway. Any suggestions? Thank you, Dmitri
  • 4. BCM Window View of Activities
    Am I missing something. Can't get a window view in BCM of Contact info and recent activiites ( in real time, not a slow load of all emails sent over a period of tim). I am looking for a CRM view of the world, who I am talking to and what were my recent notes, activities (like ACT) in front of me on a single or split screen. Any suggestions? -- TJ
  • 5. Business Contact appearing in Task
    I currently have a user that is displaying the following symptoms in her computer(Outlook). There seems to be a, under her task list, business contact manager contact that appears to be in ther task list. It shows up as little head, contact, and then the contact name. Whe we double click the task/contact we get the business contact manager contact screen. Can someone please advise on this issue.

alternate e-mail id's

Postby ZGFuY3JhYg » Fri, 21 Sep 2007 15:52:00 GMT

quite often clients have alternate e-mail id' do i make a contact in BCM 
to record all the e-mail id's under such a scenario
Dan Crabtree

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quite often clients have alternate e-mail id,how can i make a contact in BCM 
to record all the e-mail id's under such a scenario
Dan Crabtree

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