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    I was using Outlook 2000, and upgraded to Office 2003. I'm having problems importing my contacts from Outlook 2003 to BCM 2003. I've tried doing a .csv file, but am getting error messages, and am unable to select "use default" for the mapping, so each field needs to be set manually (not very user-friendly). Anybody know an easy way to do this? Thanks in advance.
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    I created a new contacts folder. I created each contact manually and included a business phone number, a business fax and an email address. When I am creating the distribution list, I can't select all names because the distribition select name list shows all contacts with 2 lists -- one for the email and one for a business fax? Any reason why this would happen? Outlook 2000.

alternate e-mail id's

Postby ZGFuY3JhYg » Fri, 21 Sep 2007 15:52:00 GMT

quite often clients have alternate e-mail id' do i make a contact in BCM 
to record all the e-mail id's under such a scenario
Dan Crabtree

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quite often clients have alternate e-mail id,how can i make a contact in BCM 
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Dan Crabtree

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