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  • 1. Recently downloaded IE 7, outlook 2003 opens, auto shuts itself do
    IE 7 downloaded well, since then, everytime I open outlook 2003, it opens then automatically 'synch folders' whether on or offline, and not with any pda etc attached. Explorer not open but think its probably dialoguing with IE? it gets to 25% synching and then shuts itself down. Cannot get to tools bar etc on outlook, it won't allow anything else to happen while it synchs, after 1 min, it doesn't 'go anywhere' and tries to send an error mess to microsoft, i get to select yes or no, then it shuts down. Can't get it to stay open. Thanks. got one message once - MSI.EXEC did not respond? or something like that. Ps I have XP and laptop fairly new. -- Estelle
  • 2. BCM suddenly disappeared!!
    Hi, wonder if you can help. I run BCM on Windows XP, Office 2003 in 3 user profiles on my PC. It is working fine on 2 profiles but when I log onto my other profile, it sems to have gone. It does not exist in any of the toolbars - I have "Tools" but not "Business Contact Manager Tools" so In can't even run "Help". The "Help" that is there is solely for Microsoft Office. The biggest problem is that each and every email, past and present, is being associated with every contact. I tried re-installing BCM from the CD which it appeared to do without any problems, but there are no changes - still can't find it. Any ideas??? Thank you
  • 3. Repost: Linking email
    when I click the auto-link email button within the account, or the contact, even if there is a checkbox - when I click OK it still doesn't show the emails that are linked to this client. I end up having to go to Business Tools | Manage Email AutoLink, select ALL names listed and then wait for it to go through each and every email I have (taking up to an hour each run). Only after this will linked email show the messages for that one account. Is this really the only way? What can I do to make the Email Auto-Link work w/in the business contact? and why does it work on some, and then not others?
  • 4. 2003 trial
    I downloaded a free trial version of Office 2003. When I go to open up my Outlook I see that it has been updated also. How do I access my prior Outlook e-mail account?

Networking issues

Postby Um9iZXJ0IExpbmRibGFk » Sat, 22 Sep 2007 17:12:05 GMT

We are a small company with two computers connected to a router, configured 
as a small "workgroup network" where thay can access allowed files on each 
others computers and such.

We recently installed BCM and want to use it to handle our business info, 
but I can't get the "Share database" function to work. We have computer one 
(C1) where "the boss" works and it is the computer where the database will 
be. There are two assistants sharing computer two (C2), taking turns you 
could say. Each one has separate accounts and no one uses passwords (although 
I've tried giving everyone passwords and such, just to get it working).

On C1 I set up the database and start sharing it. The list only shows local 
accounts so I add the account name for the two assistants on C2. Then on C2 I 
start setting up the database according to instructions, enter the name of C1 
and press "connect" (or whatever the english version says). It then asks me 
to verify password - I give it the temporary one plus the local one of the 
assistant currently logged in (blank when the assistant hasn't had a 
password, but also tried giving one out and entering that one). I just get 
the message that C1 "can't change the password" and I get nowhere! I've tried 
to work around it in all ways imaginable to me, but no progress whatsoever. 
Very frustrating!

Any suggestions? 

/Robert Lindblad

Re: Networking issues

Postby Luther » Tue, 25 Sep 2007 13:32:06 GMT

On Sep 21, 1:12 am, Robert Lindblad

The C1 machine must at least have Windows Pro; Home won't work.

Logins must have passwords for BCM to allow them to be shared users.

Add User1 and User2 as Windows users to the boss machine. They must
have the same logins and passwords on both machines.

Run the sharing wizard in BCM on the C1 machine. Select User1 and
User2 as shared users to the database.

On C2, login as User1, run BCM and attempt to connect to the shared
database on C2. Since User1 already has the same password on both
machines, you'll avoid the changing passwords fandango.

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