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  • 1. problems with outlook express
    Is it possible to reinstall or repair only Outlook Express ? Chris
  • 2. Name & location of file containing business contact manager data
    I have just started using Business Contact Manager and would like to use the data for mail and email merges, but I don't know where to look find the file containing the data. Is this an Access database? What is the file extension? Any help will be appreciated. Thanks HH
  • 3. A Disturbing Message During BCM Database Restore
    We just rebuilt our domain from the ground up after making (and testing) good backups and all went well until I tried to restore our Business Contact Manager database. I have BCM up and running on a new, empty database and when I try to import from the backup file I get: "You cannot restore this database because you were not a user when the database was backed up. Contact the owner of the database or a system administrator for more information. Your original database has not changed." Well duh. Of course my current account (as referenced by GUID) didn't exist when the database was backed up, the server has been erased. Backups are supposed to act as insurance in case things like user accounts get erased, or why bother making backups?! :) My user and domain name are the same as before, and I've temporarily reset my password back to what it was before. The password protection option was not selected when the database backups were created. I'm sure I'm misreading the error somehow--certainly the restore mechanism would not require the same account GUID that performed the backup to perform the restore? Any suggestions?
  • 4. Icon Tray SQL Icon
    On a stand alone Windows XP, all with latest updates... After installing the latest BCM (office 2003) from scratch, the SQL icon (computer with white circle) appears in the icon tray (by the time); however, the white circle does not have a green arrow and when you open SQL Services Manager, it shows the server (the stand alone computer) by no services are listed in the drop down box; however, pause and stop are valid options (not grayed out); it also says Not Connected and the server name (i.e. the stand alone computer) at the bottom. When I click "Refresh Services" button, I get an Access Denied dialog box (I sometimes get this dialog box on start up of the computer). BCM works fine. The above behavior is different than other programs that use SQL (usually there is a green arrow in the whte circle and the SQL Service Manager shows a service running, referesh services button works fine.). Why SQL behaving differently with BCM? Why is the icon there (I know BCM uses SQL)? Does this interfer with other programs using other instances in SQL? Thanks Bob
  • 5. Error: "Attempted to read or write protected memory"
    MS Outlook, Business Contact Mgr produces error message, "Attempted to read or write portected memory. This is often an indication that other memory is corrupt." Suggested on screen solution is: "Contact Business Contact Manager Support. You can find contact information in the "contact us" topic in the Business Contact Manager Help (Help menu, Business Contact Manager Help)." Suggested solution is useless as BCM fails to open and "Help" is not accessible. Am using Dell-provided version of Office 2003 that accompanied a new laptop running XP Professional. In present circumstance, neither Outlook, nor Business Contact Manager, will run at all. Goal, of course, is to be able to use them both.

same here

Postby ihicks » Sat, 06 Jun 2009 00:48:29 GMT

i am having the same problem, i have just been in a chat with a
tecnical member of staff from microsoft and after half an hour (plus
an extra hour before when i was trying to work it out) he said he'd
have to charge me 34.95 as it's a lot of manual work??? i said they
shouldn't have an option for customising your view if you can't
utilise it.. absolute rubbish having a program to organise yourself
but not being able to save it :(

be interesting to know if anyone manages to find a solution... for now
i guess its default settings all the way :(



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