BCM 2007 New Features?



  • 1. Sync between laptop and desktop
    Is there any possible way to keep my laptop Outlook with Business Contact Manager in perfect sync with my desktop Outlook with Business Contact Manager? I am using FolderShare to keep manny of my other files in sync. -- "Failure is only an opportunity to begin again more intelligently." Henry Ford (1863 - 1947) American industrialist, inventor
  • 2. How do I print Opportunity Detail/ History in a report?
    I have a brand new system - MS Office 2007, SBS 2003, BCM. We are running a large database (6,000 customers) and i want to print an "opportunity report" but I want to include information that our employees entered under Details and/or History. In short, I want more information than the "automatic" reports gives me? Ultimately, I want to print out a report of pending opportunites with detailed information about that opportunity. How? What's the point of entering "talked to Bob and he said they should order next month" if I can't print it out and share it with people not on my server? Thanks, Chad
  • 3. BCM/Outlook 2007
    Can I set BCM to only start for myself (administrator) and not for my childrens accounts (limited). When I set up their email accounts, BCM starts up too and creates a new database for each of them. They don't need BCM! If I try to disable BCM in their account settings I get a message syaing that it cannot be removed. Many thanks, wanted-66
  • 4. You're kidding me, right?
    I'm evaluating BCM 2007 - If I create an appointment and a task for a BCM business contact, they appear in the Calendar and Task list respectively. But when I delete them from the History tab of the business contact in BCM, they don't get deleted on the Calendar and Task list. Likewise, if I delete them from the Calendar or Task list, they remain in the business contact's history tab. Am I missing something or was this by design? Someone please tell me I'm doing something wrong - I can't believe it was designed this way!
  • 5. Remove old BCM 03 data file after 07 updated
    Windows XP, upgraded from Officce pro 03 with BCM to Office Enterprise 07 with BCM.. After the upgrade, the instructions were to remove the old MSDE database used by 03 BCM. I have used the 07 BCM upgrade for weeks, works fine, so I am trying to remove the old 03 BCM In control Panel, Microsoft Server Desktop Engine (MICROSOFTSMLBIZ), click remove, and it starts, but then you get this error MS SQL Server Desktop Enging n error has occurred while removing the SQL Active directory Help Serviceswhen you click ok it unwinds the removal Then you get a dialog Fatal error during installation I still have SQL 2000 tools installed, the the MSDE does not show up at all How do I remove the old MSDE? It is not used by anything else, and in services it is disabled. Thanks! Bob

BCM 2007 New Features?

Postby TGFycnkgTC4 » Sun, 27 Aug 2006 02:18:01 GMT

Does anyone know what the new features will be in BCM 2007.  Reading through 
the threads, it appears that the program is exceptionally buggy in beta.

We are trying to decide whether or not to upgrade to BCM 2007 from 2003.  At 
the moment, I am shying away from it, based on what I see (though I do 
realize it is beta).

What we need is a contact manager and scheduler that shows conflict times 
(ideally).  Also, the ability to customize fields easily.   Good performance 
is very important too.  

If BCM 2007 is not the answer, does anyone have any suggestion?

Thank you.


RE: BCM 2007 New Features?

Postby U3VzYW5H » Sun, 27 Aug 2006 05:50:02 GMT

I made a decision to use BCM for contact management and also develop an 
online app with db backend for the tracking stuff we do, but I'm going to 
stick it out with BCM. I will upgrade, I think the feature set is vastly 
improved with 2007, but I won't be upgrading when it's released. For us, it 
being a part of the Office suite I inherited is big reason, but also 
shareability (we're really small shop), the fact I can tech support it, and 
train it easily, and that it offers the modules we really need Opportunities 
and Marketing.  Otherwise I have to go CRM route or many different apps - 
cheap online versions that don't let me control the database.  It's never 
going to be perfect, for my type of org, it's really a boon. I like being 
able to select and copy/paste into Excel for INSTANT reporting, that's so 
cool. So I will stick with this, and upgrade, and complain and agitate for 
bug fixes.

RE: BCM 2007 New Features?

Postby TGFycnkgTC4 » Sun, 27 Aug 2006 06:19:02 GMT


Thank you for your comments.  We are a 10-person firm, and have been toying 
around with CRM.  However, I am not certain that this is the correct route 
for us.  The key thing for us is to be able to track appointments with work 
product by employee.  Ease of use is imperative, and performance is also 

We have been using BCM for about a year.  It has worked, but not ideally.  
The database is shared on the server, connected to Exchange.

What we lack it the ability to track work papers which is part of our 
operation.  Ideally, the work would be assigned to an employee, and they 
would be responsible for the work papers.  BCM does not offer that.  CRM 
does, but I am still learning it.  It is quite comprehensive, but equally 
complex too.  And, unless I want to start writing jscript at the frontend, or 
C# on the backend, I am limited to the customization tools and their 
restrictions.  So, I feel like might be spinning my wheels.

I also don't believe that my firm is necessarily ready for what it takes to 
implement a mid-level enterprise application like CRM.

You mentioned that you wrote a tracking program.  Could you give me some 
input on that, and what you did?  Tools I have at my disposal include 
multiple SQL servers, Crystal Reports, various VS 2005 tools if needed (I try 
to stay away from Access -- I'm not a fan).

Thank you,


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