How to auto attach word docs to BCM contacts



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How to auto attach word docs to BCM contacts

Postby Bob » Sat, 01 Oct 2005 04:39:35 GMT

In BCM there is an Action menu, is it possible te create a word doc
from within outlook, and when this doc is saved it will be linked to
the BCM contact.. I have to do this manual now...



Re: How to auto attach word docs to BCM contacts

Postby Tim P via » Sat, 01 Oct 2005 06:30:43 GMT

Hey Bob,

I have had the same issue and here's what I know to be true and possible in
regard to your post.  You can initiate the creation of a word document from
within the Record forms that are used in BCM (Business Contact and Account
record forms) by clicking on the Actions button on the tool bar of this form.
This will start the word letter writing wizard and then when you close and
save this word document it asks you where you want to save it among the
windows folder structure.  This is the only option that I know to be possible
to save as.  Anyway, after the document is saved, if you then wish to link
that document to the BCM record from which you initially created it you have
to click on the NEW button alongside the Business History Items section of
the BCM record form in order to manually link the document that resides in
your windows file structure. 

I assume this is how you have doing this and unfortunately I believe that
this manual linking of the previously saved word document is the only way to
do it.



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