BCM and SQL Server 2000



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BCM and SQL Server 2000

Postby QVo » Fri, 16 Dec 2005 01:02:08 GMT

We already have sql serevr in our company, is it possible to install bcm on a 
client and connect the database to the sql server 2000 already in place.

I dont want to use the msde client stuff that it install and i would rather 
uninstall that.

Does anybody know if this is possible and if so how do i go about setting 
this up.

Re: BCM and SQL Server 2000

Postby Luther » Fri, 16 Dec 2005 01:39:00 GMT

It is indeed possible, but it won't work with the default installation.

You should create a new sql instance (named microsoftsmlbiz --
recommended). That instance _must_ use TCP port 56183, and you'll also
need to open that port in the server's firewall.

Re: BCM and SQL Server 2000

Postby QVo » Fri, 16 Dec 2005 03:19:01 GMT

Could u provide any more detail or any articles relating to this matter on 
how to setup bcm and connect it to sql server located on a serperate machine.


Re: BCM and SQL Server 2000

Postby Cello » Fri, 30 Dec 2005 01:27:25 GMT

Yes, please someone needs to share that information.

Re: BCM and SQL Server 2000

Postby Luther » Mon, 02 Jan 2006 08:48:36 GMT

Try searching earlier posts in this newsgroup. I'm not aware of any
articles. This isn't something Microsoft supports.

Re: BCM and SQL Server 2000

Postby TGFycnkgTC4 » Sat, 07 Jan 2006 03:11:02 GMT

I have the BCM database running on a SQL 2000 server with Terminal Services.  
In general, it works.  Below are considerations I have found.  Perhaps others 
have solutions to these:

1)  You need to run an "instance" on the server where the database is 
located.  This is because the BCM program is looking for the instance in 
order to access the database.  Consequently, you will need to run the SQL 
Server Service for that database on each workstation.  However, you will be 
able to access the full database via SQL, run queries, and do whatever you 
want.  It's a fairly straightforward db.

2)  The key issues are that it is still a young product with functional 
limitations.  Probably the biggest limitation is caused by the MSDE 
contraints, followed by some programmatic issues at the front-end.  

Microsoft probably did not anticipate that larger firms were interested in 
this product, so the development was centered towards single-person 
businesses or very very small businesses.  Not every firm though wants the 
complexity of CRM (nor the cost), and they do not want to spend the time in 
development of that product.  BCM is a start, but it needs a lot more.  Most 
firms want a product that is already developed/designed, but has flexibility 
so that it can be customized for each business.  My guess is that BCM is 
about 2 to 3 versions aways from becoming that product.


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