Which way should I add an AddressEntry?



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Which way should I add an AddressEntry?

Postby Shelby » Tue, 15 Jun 2004 14:14:53 GMT

how do I add a ContactItem to a specific AddressList?
I have populate a ListBox with user's Address Book.
User will select the specific Address Book and an AddressEntry will be added
into that AddressList.

So do I add the entry like this:
    AddressList = oNs.AddressLists.Item(UserSelectedIndex)
    myentry = AddressList.AddressEntries.Add("SMTP", "testtest",
(If I add it this way, I do not have access to other properties such as
CompanyName, Birthday etc etc)

Or like this:
    sCtact  = oApp.CreateItem(Outlook.OlItemType.olContactItem)
    sCtact.FullName = "Test 123"
    sCtact.CompanyName = "His Company Name"
    sCtact.Birthday= "His birthday"
    sCtact.Email1Address =  XXXX@XXXXX.COM 
(If I add it this way, it will not be added to user's specified address


Re: Which way should I add an AddressEntry?

Postby Ken Slovak - [MVP - Outlook] » Tue, 15 Jun 2004 22:02:47 GMT

The second way adds it to the default Contacts folder. Either use the Add
method of the Items collection of the folder you want or create it in the
default Contacts folder and use the Move function to move it to the folder
you want after creating it.

Ken Slovak
[MVP - Outlook]
Author: Absolute Beginner's Guide to Microsoft Office Outlook 2003
Reminder Manager, Extended Reminders, Attachment Options


Re: Which way should I add an AddressEntry?

Postby Shelby » Wed, 16 Jun 2004 11:28:30 GMT

yes I notice that the second method adds to the default Contacts folder.
So if I use the second method, I need to parse the folder path to the Move
The question is, how can I get the folder path with the"AddressList Index"?
Because I have populated a list box with the AddressList Name and Index.
When user select the specific AddressList, it will be added to that


Re: Which way should I add an AddressEntry?

Postby Ken Slovak - [MVP - Outlook] » Wed, 16 Jun 2004 22:32:54 GMT

The Index property of an AddressList just gives you the current number of
that list in the AddressLists collection. That is not necessarily a
persistent value and can even change during an Outlook session if additional
AddressList's are added to that collection. So I would not depend on that
value for anything.

AFAIK there is no direct way to correlate an AddressList with a specific
Contacts folder other than brute force. I would iterate recursively all the
folders below Inbox.Parent for folders and subfolders that are Contacts
folders and store that information along with the folder paths and then try
to match up the names of the folders with the AddressList name. There may be
better ways but I'm not aware of them.

Ken Slovak
[MVP - Outlook]
Author: Absolute Beginner's Guide to Microsoft Office Outlook 2003
Reminder Manager, Extended Reminders, Attachment Options


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