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  • 1. Delegate prviacy?
    Does anyone know how to send messages as a delegate for another mailbox without having the From field on the message say the actual sender's name? I am trying to send without the message saying my name on behalf of another name. I just want it to say the other name and not mine. Anyone have any idea how to accomplish this? I recently upgraded to exchange 2003 which is when this seems to have begun.
  • 2. Mail Accounts not registering
    I have added new mail accounts to my Outlook, but they are not being queried during the send/receive mail process. When I go in to edite the all accounts setting, I get an operation failed message. I also cannot toggle between email accounts when trying to send a new message. This gets me a "fatal error" message. What's up all of this?
  • 3. HTML Signature Block will not activate
    Signature Picker Preview displays HTML buttons and I have Mail Format/Message Format "send this message format" set to HTML but, new emails just display the Greek letters " and nothing else. I am currently using Outlook version for Windows XP. Is there a setting I missed or a patch to install that will allow the html signature block to display web buttons?
  • 4. Outlook XP crashes when using Tasks
    Outlook will crash when using Tasks. Here are the things I have tried. Used XP's Restore function to go back to a time when it worked fine. 1. Ran 2 virus scans with two different products. 2. Deinstalled Office XP, ran a defrag, and then reinstalled. 3. It will function propertly for about 2 minutes and then crash. There is an Exchange 2000 server involved as well. He can access his Tasks on another PC with no problem, so I know it is related to his machine. The offending file is an Outllib.dll, at least from the technical notes and log files. Any thoughts?
  • 5. Outgoing email OL2003
    I have a several domains that I use for email. All domains work well except for one. My ISP is a Cox Cable and they require me to use their out going smtp. I have one domain name that is set up with as mail.domainname.org, using the isp's smtp; when I test the account it sends the email and I recieve the message with no issue. When I go to send an email the standard way, it never goes through. I get an error message that my smtp server times out, and no matter how long I set the time out length for, it still times out within 45 seconds. Not sure why it test fine, but will not send when I use that account. Any help would be appreciated. Steve

dynamic signatures

Postby ste » Fri, 15 Aug 2003 18:25:47 GMT

hi everyone

we are using outlook xp . Since we want to keep our signature up to date
everytime; it's a hassle for each employee to change it all the time.

i just wonder if there's a way to store the outlook signatures dynamically
and centralized?

Thanks for any suggestion


dynamic signatures

Postby gus » Fri, 15 Aug 2003 19:04:08 GMT

are you using different identities for each person using 

signature up to date
all the time.
signatures dynamically

Re: dynamic signatures

Postby ste » Fri, 15 Aug 2003 21:04:16 GMT

yes, with email address,  phone numbers, etc.

"gus" < XXXX@XXXXX.COM > schrieb im Newsbeitrag

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