Outlook 2003 Multiple IE Windows



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Outlook 2003 Multiple IE Windows

Postby Randy » Mon, 19 Jul 2004 04:46:48 GMT

Experiencing some odd behavior from Outlook 2003 that no one else has
reported yet.

When I click on a link in an email message, 2 IE windows open up to the same
web page.  If prior to clicking a link I already have IE open, then this
doesn't happen.  This only occurs in Outlook 2003.

Does anyone know whats going on and how to fix?


Re: Outlook 2003 Multiple IE Windows

Postby GJ.Oomens » Mon, 19 Jul 2004 07:28:44 GMT

Check your file type settings:

I had the same with FireFox. I had to change some manually to refer to 
FireFox and got rid of the second window.


Re: Outlook 2003 Multiple IE Windows

Postby Randy » Tue, 20 Jul 2004 04:37:20 GMT

I don't understand.... where are the "file type settings"? .....what
settings need to be changed? .....and your link doesn't take me to any place
helpful?  None of the questions are related to mine.



Re: Outlook 2003 Multiple IE Windows

Postby GJ.Oomens » Tue, 20 Jul 2004 07:14:48 GMT

Sorry wrong link, I meant the file settings in explorer-tools-folder 
options-file types.
Like here:
' URL:Hypertext Transfer Protocols'

Maybe this will do it for you :
'Set IE as default browser - XP
Use this only if IE is installed in [C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer]'


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