Correcting Info in 2003 Outlook Startup Wizard



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Correcting Info in 2003 Outlook Startup Wizard

Postby c2hhcm9uZjE5NTI » Thu, 23 Oct 2008 06:05:02 GMT

I put the wrong info into my Outlook Startup Wizard, and now it won't work -
and I can't figure out how to get in to correct the info, since Outlook just 
shuts down on me.

I have Outlook 2003, which was installed in my laptop when I got it in 2003.
I have never needed to use it till now.

Many thanks for any help you can give me! 

Re: Correcting Info in 2003 Outlook Startup Wizard

Postby Diane Poremsky [MVP] » Thu, 23 Oct 2008 07:18:43 GMT

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very similar in outlook 2003.

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