sync outlook 2002 to HOTMAIL



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sync outlook 2002 to HOTMAIL

Postby RmlyZUFydHMgRnJlc25v » Thu, 23 Oct 2008 08:55:00 GMT

my problem is that I need to sync my outlook 2002 program with hotmail using 
my pc using a wireless internet connection. The wireless connection makes me 
log in before accessing the internet ( its free at my school). The tech help 
at school helped me sync my school email to outlook but i need to sync 
HOTMAIL to my outlook, can anyone help me with the specifics? 

Re: sync outlook 2002 to HOTMAIL

Postby Diane Poremsky [MVP] » Thu, 23 Oct 2008 10:00:55 GMT

Unfortunately, the only way to access Hotmail in outlook is with the outlook 
connector and it doesn't work with 2002.

If your hotmail acct is several years old, you might be able to use HTTP 
protocol. They are ending support for it so its hard to say how long it 
would work.

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