hyperlinks in Outlook mail



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hyperlinks in Outlook mail

Postby Ace » Fri, 02 Apr 2004 12:32:01 GMT

when I receive an email in Outlook with
a hyperlink in the text, I am unable to open a browser
window even when clicking on it 2 or 3 times.

Yes, the cursor turns to a hand and indicates that
each hyperlink is active, yet nothing happens when 
clicking . . .

Any help is greatly appreciated in unraveling this


hyperlinks in Outlook mail

Postby Jeff Strachan » Sun, 04 Apr 2004 03:56:20 GMT

Try pressing ctrl when clicking the mouse.

Re: hyperlinks in Outlook mail

Postby stephcarb » Fri, 23 Apr 2004 11:00:35 GMT

Hello, my husband's computer had the same problem.  I finally foun
Microsoft Knowledge Base Article 257464. It said that the likely caus
was that the file associations for Uniform Resource Locator protocol
were missing or broken.  Following some of the instructions, I had t
re-register the urlmon.dll (in the Run box, type regsvr32 urlmon.dll).
There were other options to try as well in the article, but th
urlmon.dll re-registration fixed our problem.  

Good luck. 

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4.Accessing Outlook mail via Mail::Outlook


I am trying to create a script that will search a user's outlook email and move any messages that mtahc a certain subject to a new folder.  To accomplish this I found the Mail::Outlook module on CPAN that allows me to easily access the OLE Outlook calls via Win32::Ole.

My problem is this, the Mail::Outlook module does not have a specific method to move an email from one mailbox to another. I can display the email when my match occurs, but I cannot figure out how to move it.

Here is an example of my code that works just find to pop-up an display any messages in my mailbox that match :

use Mail::Outlook;
use strict;

# Open filehandle to Remedy report file
open (_TICKETS,'C:\TicketCounts\MyOpen.rep') or die "Cannot open C:\TicketCounts\MyOpen.rep : $!";
# Iterate through each line of the file
print "Obtaining list of open tickets from $remedyReportFile .... ";
while (<_TICKETS>){
	# Add ticket number to array in csv format
	push @myTickets, "$1" if m/CallT0000(\d+)/;
print " Ok.\n";
# Open an Outlook OLE connection
print "Opening connection to Outlook .... ";
my $outlook = new Mail::Outlook('') or die "Cannot create mail object\n";
# Change to the Support mail folder
my $folder = $outlook->folder('Inbox/Support') or die "Cannot create folder object\n";
# Read the 1st message
print " Ok.\n";
print "Searching messages for call ticket match .... " unless defined $bodyMatchString;
print "Searching messages for subject containing: call ticket matches and body containing: $bodyMatchString ... " if defined $bodyMatchString;
my $message = $folder->first();

# Iternate all messages in the folder
while ($message) {
	# Strip the call ticket number out of the subject
	my $callTicketNumber=$1 if $message->Subject() =~ m/CallT0000(\d+) /;
	# If a call ticket number was found, compare against the user's open call tickets
	if (defined $callTicketNumber) {
		if ( (grep /$callTicketNumber/, @myTickets) ) { 

Now, I want to change the $message->Display to a move operation. Searching the available OLE/COM Objects for Outlook via Microsoft's OLE/COM Viewer, I see that there is a  move method for the mailItem CO class:

    [id(0x0000f034), helpcontext(0x004de8b9)]
    IDispatch* Move([in] MAPIFolder* DestFldr);

I tried editing the Outlook::Mesage.pm file (that stores the message display call) to add a call to this OLE method. 

The 1st thing I did was to see if I could simply add a new su b to the PM file called moveMessage that in actually would simply display the messag the same way the display sub did:

sub moveMessage {
	my ($self,%hash) = @_;

	# pre-populate the fields, if hash
	foreach my $field (@autosubs) {
		$self->{$field} = $hash{$field} if($hash{$field});

	# we need a basic message fields
	return 0	unless($self->{To} && $self->{Subject} && $self->{Body});

	# Build the message
	$self->{message}->{To}		= $self->{To};
	$self->{message}->{Cc}		= $self->{Cc}	if($self->{Cc});
	$self->{message}->{Bcc}		= $self->{Bcc}	if($self->{Bcc});
	$self->{message}->{Subject}	= $self->{Subject};
	$self->{message}->{Body}	= $self->{Body};

	# Send the email

	return 1;

I thought this would be an easy 1st step, but come to find out, I am getting teh following error when I run this:

retrying default method at E:/Perl/site/lib/Win32/OLE/Lite.pm line 157, <_TICKETS> line 9.
Win32::OLE(0.1403) error 0x8002000e: "Invalid number of parameters"
    in METHOD/PROPERTYGET "" at H:\outlook2.pl line 45

Now, I must confess that I am new to OLE and have limited exposure to Object Orientation. Can anyone point me in the right direction or show me some sample code that will move a message from one mailbox to another?

I have searched extensively for any existing code to do this, but all I have found are very limited and do not come close to accomplishing my goal.

I appreciate any help.


5.Sending mail through Mail::Outlook


I am using Mail::Outlook to send email through Outlook. I've set out
the code below. Everything works fine but I have two items on my wish

1. To be able to send attachments. I have tried
'$message->Attachments('c:\file.txt');' and
'$message->Attachments.Add('c:\file.txt');' but neither work.
2. To be able to send the email in html format but
'$message->HTMLBody($body);' doesn't work.

Are either of these possible using Mail::Outlook or do I need to go
back to scratch and use another module?





use strict;
use warnings;

use Mail::Outlook;
use Win32::OLE::Const 'Microsoft Outlook';
my $outlook = new Mail::Outlook();

my $to = "my_mom\@moms_mail.com";
my $body = "Hi Mom!\n\n etc.";
my $message = $outlook->create();

$message->Subject('Happy Mothers Day, Mom!);

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