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  • 1. Outbox shows file but when I open Outbox there is nothing there
    When I look at my list of folders the Outbox shows a file. When I open the Outbox I do not see a file. I have tried closing and opening Outlook & rebooting the computer. How do I get rid of that "Ghost File" or whatever it is? Thank you, Ken
  • 2. Large Inbox File Outlook XP Freezes
    I tried downloading a 20MB file from my email server and it just caused Outlook XP to freeze up. Now whenever I start Outlook it just freezes. I have tried deleting the email from my server's inbox through the webmail interface but the large file still shows up in Outlook when I start it up and Outlook continues to freeze. What should I do? Thanks, McClint Downing XXXX@XXXXX.COM
  • 3. Outlook 2007 and Word XP
    How do I know if Outlook 2007 is using Word XP as the Mail Editor and Viewer? If not is there a way to get it to do this? The mail format tab in options does not have the check boxes for Word as viewer and editor as you would expect. Jamie
  • 4. Email with attached email in shared mailbox
    I have a user that is unable to open attached Outlook email message in a shared mailbox more than once without closing out & reopening Outlook. She is using Outlook 2003 SP3 (11.8206.8202) under Windows XP SP2. The user is able to open a message and open any attached email messages once without any problems. However, if she closes the attached email message and attempts to reopen it, she immediately receives 'Operation Failed'. If she copies the message with the attached messages to her main Outlook mailbox, she can open the attached messages as many times as she wishes. In addition, it appears to only affect attached Outlook email messages. She can open Word, Excel, Acrobat, etc attachments from the shared mailbox as many times as she likes. I have deleted (from the registry) her profile and re-created it. I have fully uninstalled and reinstalled Microsoft Office 2003 SP3. After the uninstall of Office, I rebooted & deleted 'HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Office\11.0\Outlook' before the reinstall. I have cleaned out the Outlook Secure Temp Folder. I have deleted all files under 'Temporary Internet Files'. Unfortunately, none of these has resolved the issue. Any advice or suggestions appreciated.

delay receiving email

Postby » Sat, 19 Jun 2004 01:21:17 GMT

I have a small Exchange 5.5 environment with about 10 
users running Windows XP Pro with Outlook 2002. I had one 
user inform me that all of a sudden when a new email 
arrives, it won't appear in the inbox until she clicks on 
another folder. I tried another test with other users and 
as soon as you send the email, it appears instantly 
without the user having to click on other objects. All 
the other users except this one, receive email without 
having to click on other objects. Any ideas would greatly 
be appreciated.

Re: delay receiving email

Postby Lanwench [MVP - Exchange] » Sat, 19 Jun 2004 01:56:27 GMT

Is there a firewall installed on this computer (or is the XP firewall

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