Email Send/Open/Send again..italics..why?



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Email Send/Open/Send again..italics..why?

Postby Paul Kraemer » Fri, 24 Sep 2004 05:44:12 GMT


I just upgraded to Outlook 2002.  I setup my Internet 
email (POP3/SMTP) account.  I connect through my phone 
line, so I chose the appropriate option.  This email 
account works.  I am able to both send and receive email 
for this account in Outlook.  I just have one headache...

Normally, I am not connected to the Internet.  If I want 
to send an email, I start Outlook offline.  I type the 
email and click "Send" to put it in the outbox.  Under 
Outlook 2000, if I looked at it in the Outbox it would be 
displayed in italics.  When I wanted to actually send the 
email, I would establish my dial-up connection manually, 
click Send/Receive and it would get sent.  

Now, under Outlook 2002, I do the same thing, but when I 
am offline and click "Send" to put the email in the 
outbox, it is not displayed in italics.  If I establish 
my connection and click Send/Receive, it doesn't get 
sent.  I have to double-click the email in the Outbox to 
open it back up, and then click "Send" again.  It goes 
back into the outbox, and this time it is displayed in 
italics.  Now, if I click Send/Receive, it does get sent.

This isn't a big problem, but if anyone has an idea what 
is going on, I would appreciate it.


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