Outlook 2000 distribution lists incorrectly alphabetized



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Re: Outlook 2000 distribution lists incorrectly alphabetized

Postby UGl5ZWVyaS1K » Sun, 17 Apr 2005 05:40:03 GMT

I find that some names in the distribution list are alphabetized by last 
name, others by first name.  Why? How can I fix it?

Re: Outlook 2000 distribution lists incorrectly alphabetized

Postby Russ Valentine [MVP-Outlook] » Sun, 17 Apr 2005 07:32:40 GMT

Unfortunately, DL's sort very erratically. If the Contact Record was created 
in the same version as the DL was created, sorting should follow the setting 
you specified for the Outlook Address Book. Most of the time, they do not.
Russ Valentine

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