Why can't I send a message to someone in my Personal Address Book.



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Why can't I send a message to someone in my Personal Address Book.

Postby VG9tIE1jTmV3 » Fri, 08 Sep 2006 04:53:02 GMT

I am currently getting my email in Outlook via Army Knowledge Online.  I have 
added email addresses to my Personal Address Book, as well as my Contacts 

When I try to compose a new message, the Contacts list doesn't come up, just 
the PAB.  However, when I address a message to someone in the PAB, the 
message will not be sent.  I instantly get a message back that says the email 
could not be sent because " None of your e-mail accounts could send to this 
What does this mean?  How do I get the same listing of addresses in the PAB 
and Contacts?  And how can I send a message to someone in my PAB?

Re: Why can't I send a message to someone in my Personal Address Book.

Postby Brian Tillman » Fri, 08 Sep 2006 05:56:51 GMT

The Personal Address Book is long obsolete and you should be using your 
COntacts folder exclusively.

Right-click the Contacts folder, choose Properties, select the Outlook 
Address Book tab and check the box labeled "Show this folder as an e-mail 
Address Book".

You have a misconfigured account
Brian Tillman 

Re: Why can't I send a message to someone in my Personal Address Book.

Postby Russ Valentine [MVP-Outlook] » Fri, 08 Sep 2006 05:57:04 GMT

Outlook has not used a PAB for many years. Neither should you. PAB's are no 
longer supported.
Use your Contacts and the Outlook Address Book instead:

Russ Valentine

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