Can I print the Contacts List to Rolodex format?



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    Hi. I am thinking about switching from a palm pda to a windows based pda. The major thing holding me back is the fact that I like to print my complete contact list off of my laptop to bring with me in the car to use as a quick reference so I don't have to struggle to look at the palm for a number, while I am driving. The palm software allows me to print all my contacts, one after another, multiples on a page, including all notes for the contact following the contact main info. I cannot seem to find a way to print this way in outlook. I have to have the "journal" info displayed after the main contact info and have multiples on a page rather than one contact per page. Thank you
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RE: Can I print the Contacts List to Rolodex format?

Postby SnVkeQ » Sun, 17 Apr 2005 05:15:05 GMT

choose your contacts in OL that you want to print. 
Tools/merge/ and merge to labels.   It will go to Word and you 
choose/customize the Rolodex labels you want to print on.

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