How do I import contacts from yahoo email to Outlook?



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    I have a user who needs to move all of his Contacts to another computer. He has access to the Internet, but not to our Exchange server (for contacts at least). The Contacts are based on a customized form, so standard export/import cannot be done. Is there any way to move an Outlook folder via EMail? Could the whole .ost file be sent, and if so wouldn't that create problems on the receiving computer which would already have another .ost file? Thanks, Brad.
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    OK Folks I dont do business with alot of small businesses... I am looking for a job... so i was wondering if it would make sense to use BCM as a way to keep track of contcats.. for example let's say I am trying to network in to Microsoft.. The account would be Microsof and the people i know who may be able to get me a job would be my business contacts...and then from then on everything like the history would work the same... I would have to work out the stages though... its more or less similar. What do you folks think Is that a little creative or what I also plan to run a web design biz.... Could someone also give me a couple suggestions to get me goign. For instance... would it be okay to use BCM in that sense as well.. thank Dwayne
  • 3. Trouble with Outlook 2000
    I am running Microsoft OUTLOOK 2000, SP-3 ( In the Calendar, I am adding appointments/tasks to the Task pad which are the names and phone numbers of individuals I need to call (File | New | Appointment ...). I am trying to add fields through the field chooser function to the right hand column from which I can display the "home phone" and "business phone" for an entry which I select from my Address Book through the Contacts button at the bottom left of the Untitled-Appointment page. Although the Contacts field displays the contact name, and I can add the phone fields, the phone numbers do not display. Please advise. -Joe XXXX@XXXXX.COM
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    I'm converting to Outlook from Sidekick 98. However, before I commit I'd like to find out if you can print out in one document all the information about a contact, not just names and addresses, put the notes taken during a phone converstation as well.
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    I want to export the adressbook to a quiry is it possible if so how can i do it it?

How do I import contacts from yahoo email to Outlook?

Postby TmV3IHVzZXI » Thu, 01 Jun 2006 00:25:02 GMT

How do I import contacts from yahoo email to Outlook?

Re: How do I import contacts from yahoo email to Outlook?

Postby Russ Valentine [MVP-Outlook] » Thu, 01 Jun 2006 01:30:59 GMT

We would know nothing about yahoo mail. Look at Outlook's import Wizard to 
learn what file types you can import. Then you can figure out what file type 
yahoo mail is or what tile type you can create from it.
Russ Valentine

Re: How do I import contacts from yahoo email to Outlook?

Postby Brian Tillman » Fri, 02 Jun 2006 00:07:37 GMT

If you're speaking of the contacts you have stored in the Addresses folder 
on the Yahoo! Mail website, it's fairly easy.  Open the Addresses page, then 
look in the upper right corner.  You'll see "Sync", "Import/Export", 
"Options".  Click "Import/Export".  On the lower half of the page, click the 
"Export Now" button just to the right of the label "Microsoft Outlook".  It 
will create a CSV file you can import into Outlook.
Brian Tillman 

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