Creating linked signature in OL2007



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Creating linked signature in OL2007

Postby Anton » Tue, 15 Sep 2009 22:54:46 GMT


I want to create linked signature in OL2007, with linked I mean the 
signature is a picture stored on my webserver. Instead of embedding the 
picture inside the email, the image is stored on the webserver.

Here is how I create the linked signature for OL2007
1) create a html file with an img tag having src pointing this file on my
2) Open the source for my signature (hold ctrl + click on signaure in Option
window), Open the signature source and open the source file in an editor.
3) replace the signature source with the html I created in point 1 on this

I wonder if there exists a much easier way to implement this which the user 
don't have to bother with html syntax and modifying html?

any ideas? 

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