Failed to update headers in Outlook 2007



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Failed to update headers in Outlook 2007

Postby TWF0dA » Sat, 17 Nov 2007 02:38:07 GMT

Exchange Server 2003 SP2 Enterprise version

I'm having problem with Outlook 2007 and IMAP. Every time IMAP download a 
new header, it generates this error "Failed to update headers. - An IMAP 
command failed."

Outlook 2003 has no problem.

Any idea????

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Outlook 2007 will not let me open IMAP folders.  It was working until 48 
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that is fine, so something is wrong with the installation on this PC. I have 
repaired Outlook, checked for updates etc without success, not can I find any 
help on the KB.

Outlook generates errors regularly on this PC, so I assume something must be 
wrong.  Often multiple instances are left running.  Should I just remove and 
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I run Exchange 2003 on a Enterprise Server 2003. We are running Outlook 
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The message will sometimes pop-up every couple minutes, or sometimes every 
few hours, but regardless it is very annoying to the users, and it appears 
something is wrong somewhere.

This message occurs on both our internal network and through an external 
connection. The server is brand new, and very quick. I can't seem to find 
any information regarding this error anywhere, and I was hoping someone 
might have an answer!


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