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  • 1. Send terxt msg alert to mobile phone
    How can I configure a rule to send a text message to my mobile phone when I receive an email from a designated person? The first screen of "Rules and Alerts" talks about doing this, but doesn't explain how to set it up.
  • 2. Forwarding from Outlook to Gmail
    Is there a way to forward my emails from Outlook to my Gmail account? Because I am having trouble receiving/sending emails in Outlook, so I was thinking that if I had them forwarded to my other address, I could see them. Please help! Thank you
  • 3. Multiple Addresses in Outlook today
    I have Outlook 2003, I was told that I could only have one address in my inbox, so I made a folder with my wifes address, and she has been getting her mail just fine. Recently we noticed that when someone sends an email to both of our addresses in the same email, instead of one going to mine and one to hers, they both go to her folder. I was told to switch back to Outlook Express, but I like Outlook better. Can anyone help me with this? Thanks in advance. Tom B.
  • 4. Formatting symbols showing up in e-mail reply - how to turn off?
    When replying to messages via Outlook the formatting symbols are showing up. I know from Word that it's the IIP on the tool bar but it's blacked out so I can't turn it off from that point. How do you get the formatting symbols to go away?
  • 5. Settings to remove duplicate mails received in inbox
    Every time i am clicking on the send receive all option I am getting some duplicate mails in my Inbox

Outlook / send-receive

Postby RLS » Thu, 10 Jul 2003 23:19:44 GMT

I can no longer use the send/recevice icon on the tool 
bar. I have to go into tools and use the send/receive 

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