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  • 1. Messages arrive/appear opened
    Hi, I have 650 users and have never had this particular problem before. I have one user who says that her emails already appear open when she opens Outlook. She says that she has not opened the messages and yet they have the open envelope icon. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Kathy
  • 2. I am receiving email addressed to other people. Help
    I have been receiving emails that have other email addresses and not mine Please advise
  • 3. RPC over HTTP, Prompt for Password, Exchange security tab in Outlook
    The Exchange server is at a hosting facility. The IT manager wants everyone to be prompted for a password every time. She does not want any one clicking "save this password". I can NOT find a setting in the Outlook admin GPO template or in the Office maintenance wizard. If you edit the outlook setup manually, the check box disappears from the logon screen next time they launch Outlook. I do not want to go from pc to pc configuring this option. And then there is nothing to say that they will not just uncheck it again... Is there some way to require everyone to be prompted for a password every time they launch outlook?
  • 4. back up microsoft outlook
    How can I back up/transfer all my Office Outlook 2003 emails to my Outlook Express 2000?
  • 5. how do I turn on auto completion with email addresses?
    When I am typing an address or name into the "To" field when sending an email, how do I have outlook recognise who I am sending to, to automatically fill in the rest of the address??

veiwing mail

Postby aG9uZGFlbGl0ZQ » Wed, 15 Nov 2006 09:58:01 GMT

how to read your mail in the same window without opening a new on

Re: veiwing mail

Postby Milly Staples [MVP - Outlook] » Wed, 15 Nov 2006 11:33:13 GMT

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See that large white space beneath the subject line?  Use it to provide at least a modicum of information about what you are trying to accomplish. Otherwise, you are wasting our time and yours when someone has to come along and try to pry information out of you.

Milly Staples [MVP - Outlook]

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After furious head scratching, hondaelite asked:

| how to read your mail in the same window without opening a new on

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