Flagging messages for follow up.



  • 1. How do I receive e-mails with the graphics instead of red X box?
    I can't see the graphics on e-mails I'm receiving. How to I change the settings to bring them up?
  • 2. the system will not let me access the rules wizard, the menu is t.
    The system will not let me access the rules wizrad in the Tools menu.
  • 3. Date and time drop downs not sticky
    As of this morning, when I drop down the combo in Outlook Calendar to set the date or time of an appointment, or in Outlook Contacts to set the date of a contact's birthday, the list/calendar disappears as soon as I mouse over it. I can drop down the list and mouse anywhere else on the screen, but as soon as I mouse over the bit I want, it closes! Doesn't happen with any other drop downs or combos...weird. Any ideas?
  • 4. Why does outlook hang when sending an email offline
    All the settings are set up for offline use. The inbox is synchronized and contains all email. When you try to send an email offline, outlook hangs and never responds. The message should go into the outbox to be send out the next time the computer is connected to the exchange server. Does anyone have any ideas on why this is happening?
  • 5. There was an error running rules. Not all rules were processed.
    I use Outlook 2003. I receive what I think is a lot of spam (20-30 a day) and I have set up a number of rules so that it is deleted permanently (including via specific words sich as 'cialis', 'viagra' etc as well as deleting messages from specific domain names where the majority seems to come from. Most of the time ti works well and most are deleted permanently. Lately however, the rules do not always work I get an error message that says "There was an error running rules. Not all rules were processed." When I go in manually and check "Run now" and select what I need, I still get the same message "There was an error running rules. Not all rules were processed". I have googled this question as well as spending hours on the Microsoft site and the Microsoft Knowledge Base site. I have also tried deleting the rules and re-doing them, but this has not helped. Maybe I am a little paranoid (I run several pop-up stoppers as well as Norton, do daily full virus searches, and also run Ad-aware and SpyBot) but am concerned that there might even be something in these messages that disables my rules. Has anyone else heard of this message and if so, how do I stop the error that prevents my rules running?

Flagging messages for follow up.

Postby ZXllYnJlbGxh » Sun, 17 Oct 2004 07:25:04 GMT

How do I add another coloured flag to my Outlook Actions menu? I find that 6 
is not enough.

Re: Flagging messages for follow up.

Postby Diane Poremsky [MVP] » Sun, 17 Oct 2004 07:57:05 GMT

Outlook doesn't support more and you can't change the colors.

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