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    How do I find the port setting in Outlook to change it from 25 to 587? I am able to send receive email but cannot send out email to an particular AOL email account.
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  • 3. How do I modify the subject line of a received email?
    At a previous company, we had the ability to modify the information in the subject line of received emails in Outlook 6.0. This was very helpful because it allowed me to identify the email with a customer name prior to saving it in a folder. Now I am in a new company and I do not know how to add this feature. I presumed it was an option in Outlook, but I can't find out how to do it. Thanx, Ray
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XP Licensing Question

Postby Rich Czuba » Fri, 11 Jul 2003 00:20:50 GMT

I currently have 2 computers, one has XP home on it (upgraded from 98) and
the other has 98.  I want to purchase an XP Pro upgrade and install it on
the one that has XP home on it and move the XP home upgrade to the computer
that currently has 98 on it.

Is there any problem with this from a license perspective.  I realize that i
will get an activation error when I try to activate the XP home upgrade on
the other machine but I hope that I can activate it manually after I explain
things to microsoft.

rich c

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3.Licensing questions for Outlook 2003/XP

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4.Licensing: How to Tell if Valid Office XP License

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What else should I check to see why my PC is not passing 
the OWC licensing test?

Chris Jones

>-----Original Message-----
>Have you completely ruled out licensing issues? One 
quick way to tell is
>typing something in the pivot table, if it doesn't let 
you, then you are in
>view only mode. I'd suggest we rule that out before 
going further. What you
>have posted so far does not eliminate a licensing issue 
by the way.
>"Chris Jones" < XXXX@XXXXX.COM > wrote in message
>news:042501c39503$d84a14c0$ XXXX@XXXXX.COM ...
>> I can't seem to get a Pivot Table Toolbar enabled. For 
>> while I worried that it had to do with ViewOnly mode, 
>> I have the appropriate licenses on my machine (see
>> details below).
>> What am I doing wrong?
>> I'm using OWC, IE 6.0.2800.1106 on Windows 
>> Professional. I Have MS Office 10 installed. E.g., 
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>> Application name Excel
>> Version 10.
>> Build 4302
>> My VBScript code that initiallizes the PivotTable 
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>>  PTable.AllowPropertyToolbox = True
>> PTable.DisplayPropertyToolbox = True
>> PTable.AllowGrouping = True
>> PTable.AllowDetails = False
>> PTable.AllowFiltering= True
>> PTable.AllowCustomOrdering = True
>> PTable.DisplayFieldList = True
>>   PTable.DisplayDesignTimeUI = True
>>   PTable.DisplayToolbar = True
>> PTable.DisplayOfficeLogo = True
>> 'PTable.EditMode = 1
>> PTable.Toolbar.Enabled = True
>>          .TitleBar.Visible = True
>> OK, what am I doing wrong?
>> Thanks,
>> Chris

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I am unclear as the the true LEGAL situation in installing Office Pro 2007 
for dual-boot PC's running two versions of XP Pro (32 & 64 bit).  This is the 
same OS, in principle, and on the same motherboard.  Does this mean that if I 
install it on both OS boot drives it is regarded as being installed ONCE or 
TWICE on the licensed system?  The HW signiature will be identical.  

I still would like to install it on a portable unit for field work and am 
under the impression that this is valid under the License Installation and 
Use Rights, para. 2b.

Any ideas or do I need a lawyer to solve this one?

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