viewing attachments in OE



  • 1. Outlook 2003 Error (0x8004010f) an object could not be found
    I am running W2K and outlook 2003. Oulook is set to PoP3. When I try to send and receive I get an error "(0x8004010f) an object could not be found". Research indicates that outlook is trying to connect to exchange offsite address list. Since I do not have to connect to exchange, I am a little confused. Appreciate help? Mike
  • 2. Auto-Greeting
    Is there any way that you can create an auto greeting for your new emails? Ideally, you would enter a contact in the "To" field and it would auto-fill "Dear <Contact FirstName>" in the body of the email. Is this possible?
  • 3. I can only send 1 Email, without having to reboot to send another.
    Ever since I tried Emailing a group distribution list, which never was successfuly transmited, I now find myself unable to send 2 consecutive Emails without having to reboot the PC. The Emails all seem to process correctly, going to the "outbox" when transmitted, but, they never are received. Can anyone offer suggestions to solve this? For now, for each Email I want to send through Outlook, I must first reboot.
  • 4. I need to make a group office!
    I work at a office with about 15 others. We need to set up a calendar or something that lets us book meetings and one of our two confernece rooms at the same time. I already tried by setting up a calender in my MS outllook called "confernence room" and then I shared it with everyone. The problem is that when others book a room and make a meeting from their computer all of the confirmation emails come back to me since I am the person who started the calendar. Also the person making the meeting always has to make sure and invite themselves to the meeting so it will go into their personal calendar.... I know there is an easier way to do this but so far I haven't found it. Help anyone!?????
  • 5. Outlook 2003 Folder Cleanup
    I have Outlook 2003 (11.8169.8172)SP3 running on Windows XP with the Personal Folders in 97-2002 format. I'd like to clean up the folders shown in the "All Mail Folders" window. Currently there are two "Personal Folders" shown. The Personal Folders are identical. Incoming messages appear in both folders. Right-clicking on either Personal Folder does not permit Close "Personal Folders" to be used (it is grayed-out for both folders). How can I delete one instance of the duplicated Personal Folders? -- Gordon

viewing attachments in OE

Postby TWF0dA » Thu, 16 Dec 2004 10:51:03 GMT

I used to be able to view attachments in Kodak program format, now for some 
reason the attachments can be viewed only in 602Photo format???  Anyone???
Matt W

Re: viewing attachments in OE

Postby Brian Tillman » Fri, 17 Dec 2004 00:30:29 GMT

Change the association for the type of file you're tyrying to view so that 
it launches the application you want.
Brian Tillman 

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