501 Syntax error in parameters or arguments to RCPT command


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    For some reason when I insert an image (.jpg, .gif, etc.) into an email message using Insert; Picture; browse etc. and finish composing the email and send, it IMMEDIATELY get's 'bounced' back to me with the following message: Your message did not reach some or all of the intended recipients. The following recipient(s) could not be reached: 554 Message refused I've tried this multiple times, with different email recipients, and different image formats. Sometimes Outlook will send them, but MOST of the time it will not, and bounces the message back to me. Any suggestions? Outlook 2003 WinXP SP2 Please Help! Thanks, Jeff
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    There was a time in recent memory (yesterday) when only my calendars appeared in the My Calendars navigation task pane. Now suddenly, I'm living in a mixed up world, and I honestly don't know what I clicked to make it that way. The wrong items/folders are appearing in the wrong navigation panes: - contacts AND calendars are appearing under My Calendars - notes, tasks AND contacts are appearing under My Contacts - tasks, contacts, more tasks AND calendars are appearing under My Tasks - miraculously, only mail folders appear in the All Mail Folders pane I have looked through the Microsoft knowledgebase and can find no reference to how this is done (or corrected, for that matter). I want ONLY calendar items appearing in My Calendars -- the way it used to be! Anyone know what controls this and how I can restore the "default" view to the navigation pane?
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    Being a user of Outlook web access and my laptop is my sole communication with my office, is it possible to syncronize my laptop outlook, contacts etc with my web access outlook. Any help would be appreciated. (our mis director is of liitle help). -- fms
  • 4. Outlook 2007 Could not install the custom actions. Solution
    I finally found a solution to this problem!! "Could not install the custom actions. The object could not be found." It is a corrupt form file. Once deleted everything work normally Here is how to do it. Close Outlook Go to Control Panel, Open folder options, select view tab, down the you will see a hidden files and folder, Select show hidden files and folders. Close the control panel. Open my computer and search down the directories. Local Disk (C:)>Users>(your user name)>AppData>Local>Microsoft>FORMS Delete the folder named FORMS, its corrupt! Close the window and open Outlook 2007, everything should work fine now. You may want to go back to folder options and select to hide files and folders. That took too much work! "dr3w2k" wrote: > Just upgraded to Office 2007 and Outlook was working fine for a day or two. > Today, when I open, reply, forward, etc. any item, I get an error message: > > "Could not install the custom actions. The object could not be found". > > If I click OK, the message goes away and everything still works. But it pops > up everytime I click on anything. > > I have tried recreating my Outlook profile and disabling all add-ins but the > message still pops up. My next step I guess is to uninstall/reinstall?? > > Any other suggestions?
  • 5. Trouble opening attachments in Outlook
    We have one external sender who has been having issues sending Excel spreadsheets to us via email. Whenever we receive the attachment (which shows up as an .xls file) it opens up with garbled text. Our environment is as follows: Windows XP SP2 Office 2003/Office 2007 Exchange 2003 SP2 I'm told that the sender is using Office 2003 and 2007 as well, but the stuff they are sending is just not getting through properly. If I use an external email account, (Hotmail , etc..) I can send Excel spreadsheets and open them with no difficulty - it's JUST this one campus that we're having problems with. Any ideas? Dave

501 Syntax error in parameters or arguments to RCPT command

Postby TWFybW9yZTgwOA » Mon, 11 Sep 2006 03:52:02 GMT

Before I call my ISP, does anyone know if I can change a setting in my 
Outlook to make this error go away?  I try to e-mail my daughter (for 
example) and it says I CAN'T! I just reformatted my computer, and imported my 
data from a saved file and that's when this all started....

Re: 501 Syntax error in parameters or arguments to RCPT command

Postby Calvin Luttrell » Mon, 11 Sep 2006 11:40:11 GMT

You need to check the TO field to see if the email address is valid format. 
No wierd characters in the actual email address. If you reply to an email 
does it work okay? Otherwise call the ISP and verify your settings.

info person < XXXX@XXXXX.COM >

Calvin Luttrell

How e-commerce is done.


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