501 Syntax error in parameters or arguments to RCPT command


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    I have an Outlook account that is unable to send messages. I can receive messages from other accounts but when I try to send a message, it disappears. I type the message, click 'Send', I see it in the 'Outbox', I click 'Send/Receive', and the message just disappears. I've tried sending from this account, to this account and still no message. Does anyone have information that could help. I've checked the incoming and outgoing protocols and they are correct. Thanks geordieboy
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    Can anyone tell me how to add the feature "restore deleted items" in outlook 2003? i have seen and used this option before on other machines. Please help
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    We have several users who are using an Outlook client (Windows XP, and Outlook 2000) as a pop3 client to a Lotus Domino server (5.0.11). If they use the Domino Web interface to read mail, whilst not in the office, when they connect with the Outlook client, it will only download the unread mail, and not the read mail. On checking the server the mail they get ends up in the trash can - as expected, but the mail they don't download is still in the inbox. This only seems to be a problem with the Outlook clients which are pop. I've tested this with IMAP, and all works fine, but given the location of the users, and the numbers, changing all the clients from pop to IMAP isn't an option. Has anyone seen anything like this? Is there a simple option hidden in the menus somewhere to download previously read mail?
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    HELLO EVERYBODY & ANYBODY !!! As noted "I'm running OE 6.0 As My Default Email Program" With XP PRO. I have tried everything I know to try and set a DEFAULT FONT (To be used in every email I write). My Problem is NO MATTER WHAT FONT NAME OR FONT SIZE (SUCH AS 12 PT. OR 14 PT.) When I go to Compose an Email "IT ALWAYS GOES BACK TO 12 PT. !!!". EXAMPLE: I set it to be "Lucinda Sans 14 PT." In MAIL > TOOLS > OPTIONS > MAIL (Not News) > LUCINDA SANS 14 PT. > APPLY > OK. But when I Open a New Compose Email Box IT SHOWS **ARIAL 12 PT. OR COURIER 12 PT. ETC.!!! NO MATTER WHAT I DO IT STAYS AT 12 PT. It will remember the Backround/Stationary I chose "BUT NOT THE CORRECT FONT". Also if I try to change it Manualy to 14 Pt. Before I Start, The First Key I Hit it goes from 14 Back to 12 PT. PS: It also makes no difference if I use a Blank/White Backround or Stationary. This is really driving me CRAZY !!! aS I noted I've checked ALL SETTINGS SEVERAL TIMES AND REPEATED THE WHOLE THING SEVERAL TIMES. I WOULD SURE APPRECIATE ANY HELP OR IDEAS. THANK YOU !!!! 7/19/04 @ 8:17 AM. (EST)
  • 5. Outlook 2002 Default Mail Message
    Double clicking an empty space in my Inbox folder view used to open a new mail message. Something has change as when I now do this a new Post / Discussion message opens. I have been through every option but can't find anything that will restore my previous setting. I work in a large office and every pc that I try this on has the same problem. This doesn't happen for my colleagues so I suppose it is some setting on the Exchange server that has changed. Any help would be appreciated... regards Max

501 Syntax error in parameters or arguments to RCPT command

Postby TWFybW9yZTgwOA » Mon, 11 Sep 2006 03:52:02 GMT

Before I call my ISP, does anyone know if I can change a setting in my 
Outlook to make this error go away?  I try to e-mail my daughter (for 
example) and it says I CAN'T! I just reformatted my computer, and imported my 
data from a saved file and that's when this all started....

Re: 501 Syntax error in parameters or arguments to RCPT command

Postby Calvin Luttrell » Mon, 11 Sep 2006 11:40:11 GMT

You need to check the TO field to see if the email address is valid format. 
No wierd characters in the actual email address. If you reply to an email 
does it work okay? Otherwise call the ISP and verify your settings.

info person < XXXX@XXXXX.COM >

Calvin Luttrell

How e-commerce is done.


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