Can not send email to hotmail addresses from outlook.



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Can not send email to hotmail addresses from outlook.

Postby QWhyZW4 » Wed, 04 Jan 2006 23:41:04 GMT

When I send email to a Hotmail account, it always comes back as failed.  
Apparently it has nothing to do with the firewall on the computer.  I use 
webmail to access my mail when I am working from a different office, would 
this stop me sending to Hotmail address?

Re: Can not send email to hotmail addresses from outlook.

Postby Diane Poremsky [MVP] » Thu, 05 Jan 2006 00:06:46 GMT

if your corporation prevents users from sending to hotmail addresses, yes, 
it will also fail with webmail.

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Re: Can not send email to hotmail addresses from outlook.

Postby Vanguard » Thu, 05 Jan 2006 00:39:39 GMT

"it comes back as failed".  What is *it*?

If "it" is an error message saying the mail session failed.  In that case, 
how about telling *us* what was that error message?  The likely cause is 
that you don't have a paid Hotmail account.  Microsoft discontinued WebDAV 
access, the method used by Outlook and Outlook Express, to freebie Hotmail 
accounts back around 29-Nov-2004.  If your account was older than that, it 
got grandfathered in.  If it was newer than that, you only get to use the 
webmail interface.

If "it" is an NDR (non-delivery report) then it could have been sent by your 
mail server or from the recipient's mail server.  In either case, what did 
the NDR say?

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