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Outlook- Tracking Attendees

Postby Y2xvbmc » Thu, 05 Feb 2009 00:47:01 GMT

I schedule meetings daily. In most of these meetings, I like to create an 
agenda that includes all the attendees so I can check them off as they join.

Is there a way to copy and paste all the attendees I invited along with 
their current status (Accepted, Decline, Tentative) from the tracking feature 
in outlook to a word doc or excel so I can modify it.

By doing this, when I take role call I know who to expect and who not to 

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"cyndi" wrote:

> They must be considered read in order to a tally, open them and then close 
> them.  Or you may right click and mark as read.  This should help
> "MW" wrote:
> > I am using Outlook 2003 at my job. After users respond to my meeting 
> > invitations, the Tracking tab shows "None" for all attendees for all of my 
> > meetings, even though I receive responses via email (Accept, Decline, etc.).  
> > Does anyone have any ideas as to why attendees' responses are not being 
> > reflected on the Tracking tab?  Thanks!

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