Outlook 2007 - Reading pane and View does not persist



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Outlook 2007 - Reading pane and View does not persist

Postby SUU3IFVzZXI » Wed, 18 Apr 2007 06:08:04 GMT

The scenario:  

1. I turn the Reading pane on and change the Current View to something 
2. The current view is rendered.
3. I navigate go to another section in outlook - i.e. calendar or another 
mail account - to perform work.
4. I come back to the mailbox where the view changes were made and they are 
no longer there.  I have to keep changing them over and over again.

Can someone tell me how to make these changes persistent?

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1.Can't read mail in reading pane of outlook 2007 if not in safe mode

Hi all!
I have a problem since I installed the outlook 2007 beta 2. I receive mail 
as nice as possible, but when I want to read it, there is only the title, 
from whom and to whom data in reading pane. The mesage is, let's say 
"invisible" :)
Anyone have the same prob?

When I start outlook 2007 in safe mode, everything works OK. The only prob 
with safe mode is, that you always have to set the reading pane on and hide 
the big buttons....

We'll if anyone has a solution...I haven't find it...

In the next week I will reinstall the system and see... maybe, just maybe I 
will get a mirale :)

2.Outlook 2007 Reading Pane view crashes Outlook -- help!

I'm running Vista Business with Outlook 2007 (latest update installed).

After about a week of operation of the newly updated Outlook 2007, I 
suddenly found that whenever I tried to view an e-mail message by double 
clicking on it, or by opening the reading pane, Outlook stopped operating. It 
produced an error message and shut down.

(I think the problem began to happen right after I re-booted after receiving 
the regular Microsoft Vista updates on this past Wednesday. There were five 
of them (Vista updates) that were installed upon rebooting. This factor may 
be unrelated to the problem.)

The continuing failure to view an e-mail happens with any message (and I've 
tried hundreds by now) so the problem isn't related to a specific, badly 
behaving e-mail message.

All other functions of Outlook continue to operate normally. E-mail comes in 
and goes out. I can compose messages normally. I can move messages to various 
folders. Rules and alerts work. Archiving works.

I can also reply and forward e-mail normally. In fact, this is now the only 
way I can read my e-mail. I 'reply' to it and then read it in the newly 
opened message! Obviously, this is extremely awkward.

I have now disabled all Outlook add-ins except for the indexer.

Starting Outlook in SAFE mode doesn't make any difference.

There are more details I can provide if anyone can try to help me.

I've taken many, many more steps over the past week and can outline them. I 
won't list them here so as to keep my problem statement brief.

Thank you very much for any advice anyone can offer. This problem is ruining 
my enjoyment of e-mail!

Patrick in Australia

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it's getting worse... when i select another email it won't change views
in my Reading Pane - when new mails come in, where it normally would
change to view the new mails in the top pane, i can see new mails in my
Folder View (Inbox) but not to the right.

i have to close and reopen Outlook almost everytime to correct both of
these problems. 

anyone recognize these issues?


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