outlook 2003 freezes up while getting email



  • 1. Why is my mail being undeliverable about every two weeks
    The mail comes back undeliverable and tells me to sign in and do the word puzzle. Why is this happening all of a sudden. I never had this problem before now all of a sudden this comes up.
  • 2. Read Receipt Time Error
    When I receive a read receipt message the time read is "Your message was read on Thursday, February 18, 2010 7:21:05 PM UTC." even though my computer clock is set to EST. It does not matter where the reader is residing, the time zone always comes back as "UTC". How can this be corrected?
  • 3. MSNBC folder not wanted
    How do I get rid of the articles from MSNBC that keep coming into Microsoft Outlook under the "unread mail" folder? I also get some microsoft articles but they are few and far between whereas the MSNBC stuff is hundreds per day. I tried deleting the folder and that didn't work. It just popped up again the following day with another 100 articles. Currently I am deleting them 20-30 at a time then permanently deleting them when they get to the delete folder. What a hassle!! Any help truly appreciated :(
  • 4. Outlook 2007 Embedded images
    Since upgrading to Outlook 2007, I'm having trouble with email messages with images embedded in the message, as opposed to images included as attachments. I right-click on the image and don't get the option to Save Image As the way I did with all previous versions of Outlook. I get an option to copy it but, when I try to paste it somewhere, it appears as a file type SCRAP. What setting on Outlook 2007 can I change to let me save these images?
  • 5. Meetings- Private notes and private color coding
    Hello, I am struggling with two things on meetings in Outlook 2007. 1. I am looking to ensure that I am not sharing color coding of meetings among attendees. In other words, I am looking to have my boss' color coding and his colleagues' color coding not appear on each others' calendars. I had read that making rules automatic would help, but I simply lose my color coding altogether when the meeting is accepted. 2. I am looking to have private notes in meetings for only me and my boss to view. I tried password protecting his Onentoes section and now I am barred from openning notes altogether. I don't even get to a password protected page. Thanks in advance for any advice anyone may be able to offer! SP

outlook 2003 freezes up while getting email

Postby ZG9ubmFtYXJpZQ » Mon, 10 Nov 2008 05:31:01 GMT

task manager says that outlook.exe is using 100 % and will not respond when I 
try to delete messages or do anything.
Please help!!!!!!!!!!!!

Re: outlook 2003 freezes up while getting email

Postby VanguardLH » Mon, 10 Nov 2008 07:28:19 GMT

Disable e-mail scanning in your antivirus program.  Sometimes that is
insufficient and you instead have to uninstall the antivirus program and
then do a custom install but NOT select to include e-mail scanning.

Start Outlook in its safe mode ("outlook.exe /safe").  If that works,
you have an add-on that loads in normal mode that causes the problem.

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