Why can't my email accounts settings be saved?



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    I can receive e-mail to both my SBC and POP3 account, however, I can only send through my SBC e-mail and not the POP3 biz account. I get the error "reported error 0x800CCC0F"...........?? I was told it may possibly be Norton's blocking the outgoing biz mail........ Now it sometimes works and sometimes doesn't work, why?? Thanks, Illiterate Computer User
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    I attempted to send a large email containing several attachments. The email has sat in my outbox now for several days and appears to be slowing down the sending and receiving of other messages. I have attempted to delete the message from my outbox but am given an error message that says that outlook has already begun to send the email. How can I get rid of it?
  • 3. Outlook has begun to transmit
    I was tryng to send a message with an attachment. Outlook stopped sending the message, it still appears as a NEW outgoing message in my outbox. Is there any way to get rid of it? I'm using Outlook 2003 SP2 -- Josh Lopez
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    My first shot at this; maybe a duh question, but Outlook drives me crazy. Also, if I look at an attachment to an email, it also disappears.
  • 5. Outlook refuses to get email then won't shut down
    I use O2003 in standalone mode to fetch email from several remote mail accounts over a satellite internet connection. The connection is flakey and sometimes my connection will go down in the middle of receiving or sending email. With OE, it would just try again and I'd end up with some duplicate email. O2003 refuses to get or receive anymore email unless I shut it down and restart it. Sometimes when I shut it down it won't restart because it's really still running in the background (it can be seen in the process menu of the task manager). So I have to kill it which then somtimes triggers O2003 to rescan all my mail folders for problems, which takes several hours because I've got alot of stored email. Obviously all this is very frustrating and a big waste of my time. I've read some posts on why O2003 keeps running after being told to exit, e.g. disabling add-ins, disabling my email virus scanner, etc. Nothing helps. I've also tried disabling and enabling my network card. Still no help. O2003 just refuses to shutdown. Please advise. --Doug

Why can't my email accounts settings be saved?

Postby S29sbGE » Sun, 11 Sep 2005 20:05:01 GMT

Ive just moved from one internetservise to another and of course I had to 
get new email account.  Ive removed the old settings for the old email 
account from the outlook (at least I think I have done it right) and put the 
new one in, but every time I start my computer and outlook again, the old 
settings that I surly thought I had removed are back and the new ones I had 
made default are gone!! I'm getting really tired of setting the new account 
op every time I start op Outlook.  What am I doing wrong?

Re: Why can't my email accounts settings be saved?

Postby DL » Mon, 12 Sep 2005 00:17:13 GMT

Within OL in Tools/Accounts
You added the new mail accounts, and deleted the old mail accounts?


Re: Why can't my email accounts settings be saved?

Postby RmF0bWFu » Mon, 12 Sep 2005 05:46:01 GMT

I'm having a similar problem. When I launch outlook express I get an error 
saying password was incorrect. When I check my Accounts / Mail / Properties / 
Servers I see that the Incoming mail server name has reverted to a default 
and so has my username. I change them to the corrcet values and then I can 
access my internet mail account OK. Next time I log in I have the same 
problem again, it does not save the settings. Can you help me please?

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