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Japanese character set

Postby bXByYWNoYWw » Sun, 17 Oct 2004 08:39:03 GMT

I received an email from a friend in Tokyo, written in English but it comes 
out as symbols only when I open the email.  Is there a way to convert the 
text to a readable format?

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1.Recipients of my mails prompted to install Japanese character set


Whenever I send emails to recipients in the UK, they get prompted to install 
the Japanese character set - I'm writng in English!

Advice I have been given includes: Your mail is being encoded with the 
Japanese character set.  Here is the source header tag from this email.<META 
HTTP-EQUIV="Content-Type" CONTENT="text/html; charset=iso-2022-jp">.  It 
should read something like - <META http-equiv=Content-Type 
content="text/html; charset=US-ASCII">

I have an email signature, which incorporates a logo and text; I write in 
the Trebuchet font.  I have checked that my preferred encoding is set to 
"Western European (ISO)" English under International Options.  I have also 
checked in Control Panel for Regional Settings and these are set to English 
(United Kingdom).  I am in Australia.

Any further ideas?



2.VBA app - filecopy failure with - Chinese/Japanese characters

Hi All,

I've developed a VBA app to copy ~15,000 files from server A to server B. 
I'm about halfway through the copy, so far so good, except that I have a few 
hundred files owned by foreign students (generally Japanese/Chinese but 
others also) in a character set that the VBA filecopy will not copy 
(filecopy just errors, and refers to the file something like \Application 

Copying the files manually in explorer works fine.

Any ideas how I work round this ?



3.Japanese (Kanji) Characters Coverted to Question Marks

Hi All,

I have one user who is on Windows XP SP2 Japanese Edition and Office 2003 
Japanese Edition.  

Our Exchange system is Exchange 5.5 [Build 1960.5] running on Windows NT 

The problem is that some folder names in Outlook 2003 for the Japanese user 
do not appear correctly, the names have been replaced with question marks.

I have done the following to our Internet Mail Service on the Exchange 
server but the problem still remains :-

1.  Start the Exchange server admin program
2.  Open the Internet Mail Service properties
3.  Click the Internet Mail tab, under Attachements (outbound), click MIME, 
and    then click to select the HTML check box
4. Stop and restart the Exchange Server services.

Thanks for your time


4.OCR for Japanese characters.

I need to know how to convert Japanese characters in an image or on paper to 
editable text.

I have Windows XP, Word 2003, and Microsoft Office Document Imaging. I have 
the Japanese IME and the Japanese language pack.

Word recognizes Japanese characters when I copy/paste editable text into 
Word. MS Office Document Imaging scans papers and displays images with 
Japanese characters. However, when I try to copy/paste Japanese characters 
from Document Imaging to Word, it displays incorrect English characters. I 
wanted it to display the correct Japanese characters.

What do I need to make the correct Japanese characters show up in MS Word 
2003 as editable text? Please tell me of any downloads or any other ways I 
can do this. Thank you to anyone who can help.

5.How do I type Japanese characters in Office XP (with Windows X


"JoAnn Paules [MSFT MVP]" wrote:

> Do you have a Kanji font?
> -- 
> JoAnn Paules
> MVP Microsoft [Publisher]
> "Toby" < XXXX@XXXXX.COM > wrote in message 
> news: XXXX@XXXXX.COM ...
> > How do I type Japanese characters in Office XP (with Windows XP)? 

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