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  • 1. Missing Email Attachments
    Hi, Recently my email attachments are dissappearing and being replace with hyperlinks ie <<attachment.doc>> which try and open in Internet Explorer. These are incoming emails which are still in the Inbox. If I right click on the email and View Attachment it opens OK. I am using Outlook 2000 and Windows 2000 Any ideas? Thanks -- Tizzy
  • 2. HTML Mail sounds
    Is there anyway at all to get some kind of notification such as sound or pop up window from a HTML mail account within Outlook 2002. I have sounds for my pop3 account but it seems it doesn't want to work in HTML like in Outlook express. Any help would be appreciated.
  • 3. Help me kill a Toolbar
    Hi, I have recently 'upgraded' to MS Outlook 2003, which means I have more inane features that I never ever use, and my day-to-day performance is seriously degraded despite running on a brand new state-of-art computer... My question: I want to eliminate a couple of toolbars from MS Outlook, namely the Business Contact Manager and the Norton Anti-spam toolbars. I go into Tools>Customize etc and do the obvious, unchecking the toolbars, and they disappear as you would expect. But, everytime I restart Outlook, they are back, visible and in the default configuration (ie stacked). No matter what I do, move them, remove them, delete them, uncheck them, curse at them, they return. Please help me! Joe
  • 4. Resizing pics using Outlook
    So on my home PC when ever I right click on a picture or a group of pictures and say send via email I get a little pop up which askes me if I wanted to send resize these images so that they will transfer faster via email. When I say yes it resiszes them to a much smaller size but still looks fine for the web. on my work PC it doesn't do that and just sends them full size. I asked the IT guys how to turn this feature on and they looked at me like I was crazy since they never heard of this. Any ideas on how to determine what program may have turned this on?? I looked under options for plugins but found nothing. Thanks John
  • 5. Receive the same mail twice
    I'm using Outlook 2003, the same mail arrived twice from a special contact. Other persons in my office only received once from the same sender. However, the email from other senders arrived my computer once. Any idea for trouble shooting? My configuration is: Client: Outlook 2003 server: MS Exchange 2003 Protocol: POP3 Thanks a lot for advice.

select email from address

Postby Y2hyaXM » Wed, 15 Nov 2006 11:16:01 GMT

I'm using Outlook 2002 SP3 & recently set up a 2nd email address with the 
same ISP. I receive messages but can't select which email address I want to 
send from. The message box doesn't inlcude a From button & when I click 
accounts in the message box my only option is the two ISP send options, no 
email account names.
I've had many problems with this version of Outlook & suspect it's corrupt. 
Would updating to newer version solve the problems?

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