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Open PDF File with VBA

Postby Alan Z. Scharf » Wed, 02 Jul 2008 07:38:34 GMT


Can anyone please help me with code to open an existing PDF file withVBA?



Re: Open PDF File with VBA

Postby Douglas J. Steele » Wed, 02 Jul 2008 08:01:07 GMT

Application.FollowHyperlink "C:\Folder\File.pdf"

Doug Steele, Microsoft Access MVP
(no private e-mails, please)

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2.Opening PDF file from VBA code in Win98

Hi all,
i need to open a PDF file via VBA code.
In Win2000/XP i'm able to do it with:
                ret = Shell(Environ$("COMSPEC") & " /c """ & list3.Column(3)
& """")
but it doesn't work in Win98, i think cause '' doesn't to handle
*.pdf file and 'cmd.exe' yes !
How can i solve ?
i'd like to solve it with a code that doesn't know the Acrobat Reader path


3.Open a pdf file in default pdf viewer from VB 6.0

I thought I was trying to do something really simple, but can't figure it out.

I want to be able to click on a command button and have a known pdf
file open up in a user's default pdf browser.  (Kind of like when you double
click a pdf file from windows explorer)

Is there an easy way to do this, or some code that will determine the location
of the default application (in this case pdf) executable file?

Shell only seems to work on executable files... I can run an application, but
don't know how to then open up a specific file within that application.

4.Open a .pdf file using vba in excel 2003

Hi everyone,
I have a sub that searches for files in a directory and adds them to the 
list box. I want the user to be able to click on a filename inside the 
listbox and open it (pdf file). Can someone give me some suggestions on how 
to do this? thanks for your help. here is what i got:

Dim fs As Object
Dim I As Integer
'Dim Flange_sname(100) As String
Set fs = Application.FileSearch
With fs
    .LookIn = "X:\Omar\Finished_Flanges"
    .SearchSubFolders = False
    .Filename = Flange_sname
    .FileType = ".pdf"
    If .Execute() > 0 Then
        'MsgBox "There were " & .FoundFiles.Count & " file(s) found."
        For I = 1 To .FoundFiles.Count
            'MsgBox .FoundFiles(I)
            Lbx_file_names.AddItem .FoundFiles(I)
        Next I
        'MsgBox "There were no files found."
    End If
End With

this returns = X:\Omar\Finished_Flanges\14_600_RTJ_WN_S40.pdf pdf file stored as OLE object using VBA

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