Comparing dates from different records

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  • 1. DateTime Query
    Hello, i have the foloowing query in access; SELECT dbo_AnalogHistory.DateTime, dbo_AnalogHistory.Tagname, dbo_AnalogHistory.Value FROM dbo_AnalogHistory WHERE (dbo_AnalogHistory.TagName="FIR_301"); The problem is that the results i get back are for today, i want to query for 12:00 am to 11:59:59 pm on the 11/25/2006? but how do i put this in DateTime criteria? ex. [DateTime] [TagName] [Value] criteria #11/26/2006# FIR_301 Is Not Null but this does not work, any help would be welcome.
  • 2. Getting the last record stored in a table
    I've tried to create a query that identifies the last record entered into a table. The field I'm using with this totals query is called projectID which is defined with an autonumber format. Each time I run the query it returns the record with ProjectID=93 but there are 108 records in the table, so shouldn't the query return a value of ProjectID=108? I can't figure out why this is happening. Does anyone have any suggestions?
  • 3. Cut Query?
    Is their a way I could create a "cut query". What I mean by that is to cut data from one table and place it in another. Sort of like an update or append query, but I need the data from the original location removed. If that is possible can that query be but on a form in a button?
  • 4. How do I query for this report?
    This one is driving me nuts. I need to show two types of related data from the same table in the same report. I send endowment reports which include a Change of Address card showing the recipient's address as we have it. The card also invites the recipient to tell me to send the report to others. To avoid wasting the recipient's time, the card also lists everybody else already receiving the report. (Those OTHER recipients receive cards with the converse information. I hope this is clear.) Both the recipient address and the other-recipient address(es) are in the same table. Here are the related tables, which allow mix-n-match of recipients and endowments: RecipientTbl: contains name, addr, unique ID# EndowTbl: contains endowment name, unique ID# MatchTbl: contains Recipient ID matched with Endow ID. What is the best approach to querying this so that each card shows the two types of related data from the same table? Do I need a subreport for the other receipients? Thanks! -- Dave

Comparing dates from different records

Postby U2FyYQ » Wed, 30 May 2007 03:02:00 GMT

I have a date ordered field and have been asked to identify the number of 
days since the last 24 hour or more period with no orders. So if I have 
orders on 5/1/07, 5/2/07, none on 5/3/07 and then an order on 5/4/07 have to 
create the value 5/3/07 using the dates where I do have orders, and compare 
it to the current date (which I think would just be a straight subtraction). 
I can't figure out how to idenitfy the gaps between orders since each record 
has only a singel date field. Thanks in advance for any suggestions (PS I'm 
not much of a VB coder but can copy and paste :-) 

Re: Comparing dates from different records

Postby Marshall Barton » Wed, 30 May 2007 14:12:00 GMT

You can use a subquery to determine the latest date before
each record's date.

SELECT [date ordered],
				(SELECT Max(X.[date ordered]
				 FROM yourtable As X
				 WHERE X.[date ordered] < yourtable.[date ordered]
				) As PreviousDate
FROM yourtable

MVP [MS Access]

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