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  • 1. Access 2003 Form/database
    I created a form and database that needs to be installed on antoher laptop. Does that laptop need Access installed? Currently, the form is not displayed properly.
  • 2. Problem with Default to Most Recently Used Form
    I have recently installed Office 2007 on two different PCs. On one PC, when a certain database is opened, on the navigation bar on the left, the last form that was used when the database was last used is highlighted. This is the same as it has been with previous versions of Access. The problem is that this is not happening on the second PC. Any ideas why? Where is this information stored? I should probably explain that this is an old database. The front-end is located on the user's local c: drive and the back-end is on our network. The front-end is version 2000 while the back-end and the workgroup file are version 97. -- DJH
  • 3. Convert Access 97 to Access 2007 help
    I have to convert a application created in 97 to 2007 that I built 8 years ago. Is there a guide on how to do this and what I should look out for? I am thinking that I will store the data tables on a safe server and all the other objects on the admin desktop. How difficult will this conversion be and how much time would one expect to do this? Looking for help
  • 4. Microsoft Office Access can't start the application required to open this object
    I'm getting this error when I try to oppen an Access 2003 application. It is apparently something to do with MSGraph, since when I try to preview reports with graphs, the graphs are blank. Microsft graphs is included in Tools References. I already uninstalled and reinstalled office 2003, but still getting same problem. This app has worked for three years; this problem just started and I can't figure out why. Thanks for any help. Alan
  • 5. 2007 Runtime Database not executing code
    I have a database that uses the 2007 Runtime. It has over 160 installations but one new user cannot get it to work. The installation worked fine but when the Front End is opened none of the code is running. The computer has Windows XP with SP 3 and also Office XP. Anyone have any thoughts?

Q: Help with Help

Postby MarkD » Sat, 06 Dec 2003 03:58:23 GMT

Using MSAccess 2000 on Win2k

Access help is acting strangely.

If I select a property/method in my code and hit {F1}, the 
help file opens to a grey screen. If I try to hit {F1} 
again, I get "No Help Available"

If I open up the help screen from the menu and select a 
particular command from the index list, I can't see any of 
the hyperlinks (usually there will be a link 
to "examples", "methods", "notes", etc.)

Basically, Help is corrupted. I tried reinstalling it 
twice, but still have the same problems. 

What gives?


Q: Help with Help

Postby Nikos Yannacopoulos » Sat, 06 Dec 2003 21:32:02 GMT


Your problem seems to be the same one I had (same Win and 
Office combination), and took me months (of headache) to 
figure out...
It's wasn't Access, it wasn't Office, it wasn't even 
Windows... It was Internet Explorer! Although the Explorer 
itself seemed to be OK when browsing the web, no link 
worked anywhere in Windows or Office help (which run in 
IE). My problem was solved when I re-installed IE. Try it!


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I am pulling my hair out going crazy with this.  I have two weeks before my 
project is due.  I need List box help.  I have read everything plus the 
reference website and I am lost.

All I want to do is use a Multiselect List box to run my reports based on 
that list selection.  Is there a very very very simple way to do this without 
all the hoopla.  If I create a Pass Parameter to Query what is the easiest 
way to do this, if I have to write code how do I do it without needing a 10 
year programming degree.  Please I really need help.


There is no need to post another thread.

As for your question, I meant which type of connection do you have. Do you 
use a dial-up connection or a DSL connection?

If you aren't sure, do you have to open a Verizon application in order to 
connect to the internet, or can you just open internet explorer when you boot 
up your computer?

"Myrna Gregg" wrote:

> "Myrna Gregg" < XXXX@XXXXX.COM > wrote in message
> news: XXXX@XXXXX.COM ...
> > Hi, Can someone please help me. I have talked to my isp, dell (BIG JOKE),
> > this website (once) & ebay. I have tried everything I was told to try.I
> > cannot access the ebay site, I cannot download service pack2..With trying
> to
> > access ebay... I can' open the first page; but get an error Page is
> > Unavailable when I try logging in, or opening My ebay web page. I cannot
> get
> > into any ebay page if it has to do with my personal info, I cannot access
> to
> > change user id or password. I cannot get into ebays help-chat rooms
> because
> > the site is Page Unavailable.. I can' look at items for auction, but I
> > cannot bid............I cannot get windows downloads to work & cannot
> access
> > support. Windows download for service pack2 says, activex controls does
> not
> > allow this page to be shown.I have tried manually & this does not work..I
> > have deleted cookies, temporary files, favorites,refreshed just about
> > everything..I have tried help & support pages.My computer says I have no
> > viruses. I do have spies..Ebay says my account is entact & fine....This
> has
> > been going on for  over 2 wks & NO ONE seems to know what is wrong
> because
> > all their help has not worked............If theres someone who can help
> me,
> > I would like to be online with them so we can try & work this out. I've
> > gotten a little advice but no one that would stick with me until this was
> > fixed..I appreciate ANY help. Thanks, Myrna
> >
> >

3.Form Scalling up and down the page HELP HELP HELP

I have a form that has several subforms on it.  As the user enters data the 
cursor movements are fine UNTIL the bottom of the current screen size is 
reached.  The cursor continues to move from field to field properly however 
the user can not see this.  They have to use the SCROLLING bars to move down 
so they can see.

How can I using code make the form move down so the fields where the cursor 
is in are displayed in a viewable area of the screen.
Hansford D. Cornett

4.Query (Make Table) HELP HELP HELP

If what you are saying is you want to delete all the records in the table 
before you start adding new records, add this line of code.

    CurrenDb.Execute("DELETE * FROM Team35101;"), dbFailOnError
Just before this line:

    OpenRS "Team35101"
Dave Hargis, Microsoft Access MVP

"Hansford cornett" wrote:

> I have a db project where I am STUCK......
> I have the following code that adds records based on the number contained in 
> the
> [NrEmployee] field.  I need to modify the code so it will overright the 
> table Emp35101 each time the process is run.  I am using this code in a 
> Command Button on a form......  
> Dim i As Integer
> Dim Emp_Num As Double
> Dim BooksReceived As Integer
> 'Emp_Num = 1
> BooksReceived = NrEmployees
>     If IsNull(BooksReceived) Then Exit Sub
> OpenRS "Team35101"
>  Emp_Num = [Emp_Num] - 1
> For i = 1 To BooksReceived
>    rs.AddNew
>    Emp_Num = Emp_Num + 1
>    rs![InputDate] = Date
>    rs![SC] = SC
>    rs![Operation] = Operation
>    rs![Department] = Department
>    rs![Team] = Team
>    rs![EmpNr] = Emp_Num
>    rs![NrEmployees] = NrEmployees
> rs.Update
> Next i
> CloseRS
> Any assistance you may be able to offer would be greatly appreciated....and 
> thanks for all your assistance.....
> --
> Hansford D. Cornett

5.Query with formula's HELP< HELP >HELP

K, everyone willing to read this.  I have had a long term project that I
work on from time to time.  It is a database for testing materials.  In my
sole query that I am making that has to have the things on it that are on
it, I have alot of formula's (adding, subtracting, multiplying, etc)  the
thing is I got to within two formula's being put in and it started poping up
query too complex.  I only two to go for it "would have been complete- for
many many moons".  Anyone know anything that I might do to get around this
or deal with it- other than putting lighter fluid on the laptop and setting
it on fire?  lol

P.S.  this query is basically a the structure for a analysis form..
approximately 11 weight (grams) input points, first formulas totals all
weights, next eleven formulas independently devide individual weight input
by total.. multiply by 100 to get to percent.  Next formula totals all
percent to self check - to make sure adds to 100%.  Last eleven formula's
subtract each individual preceding percents from 100.. which derives percent
passing.  Basically gives percent for size based on weight.

Any help would be tremendously appreciated.


6. TreeView Help Help Help

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8. HELP HELP HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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