Unable allocate min server memory size to greater than 1GB


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Unable allocate min server memory size to greater than 1GB

Postby Sm9lIE5hbQ » Thu, 30 Mar 2006 15:58:01 GMT

I have installed a SQL Sever 2000 Standard Edition with Service Pack 4 on a 
Windows 2003 Standard Server with 2GB memory. But it does not allow me to set 
 the min server memory size that is greater than 1GB.  Do any one know what 
the problem is ? Thx.

Re: Unable allocate min server memory size to greater than 1GB

Postby oj » Thu, 30 Mar 2006 17:52:18 GMT

do you get an error? can you set it via sp_configure? technically, your sql 
can use up to 2GB on win2k3 std. though, this would be unwise 'cuz you have 
to leave some for the OS.


Re: Unable allocate min server memory size to greater than 1GB

Postby QW5keSBQcmljZQ » Thu, 30 Mar 2006 23:30:03 GMT

Check the setting for 'max server memory'. 'min server memory' will not be 
allowed to exceed that. Also, with /3gb enabled, 1gb is reserved for the 
Windows kernel. Ensure that in your boot.ini that /3gb or /pae are NOT 
enabled as 2gb of RAM is too low to be using those options (both eat more 
free memory for the extra memory structures).

Andy Price,
Sr. Database Administrator,
MCDBA 2003

Re: Unable allocate min server memory size to greater than 1GB

Postby Q2hpIEh1bmc » Fri, 31 Mar 2006 11:58:02 GMT

I represent Joe Nam to revise the question.
1. our sql server have set "use a fixed memory size" to 1800M, since the 
total memory of sql server exist 2G.
2. We don't know why the usage of physical memory only allocate below 1G of 
Please kindly advise the problem of our sql server setting.
Thank you for all advanced experts.
Chi Hung

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