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Document map without ToC

Postby Um9iaW4 » Wed, 13 Jan 2010 07:30:01 GMT

Is there any way I can get the Document Map to show without listing the ToC 
entries? It's pretty annoying seeing the same headings twice and 50% of the 
time inadvertantly clicking on the ToC entry not the paragraph heading itself.


Re: Document map without ToC

Postby Pamelia Caswell via » Wed, 13 Jan 2010 08:18:08 GMT

TOC styles have  body text paragraph outline levels and so should not  be
caught by the document map.  But the document map sometimes changes paragraph
outline levels based on the formatting used.   Modifying the TOC styles
should get rid of TOC entries in the  map.


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Re: Document map without ToC

Postby Um9iaW4 » Thu, 14 Jan 2010 05:06:02 GMT

Pam I just don't get this. If I insert a ToC that is one of the standard ToCs 
such as Classic, then the Map doesn't include it. When I insert a ToC where I 
select "Format: From template" then the ToC is included in the Map. So I 
tried to modify my ToC1, ToC2 and ToC3 styles, because that's what the ToC 
includes, and no matter what I do it's still there in the Map unless I do 
something drastic like set ToC1 to Normal. But that's not logical because I 
want the ToC styles to be used. I can't see what specific property of the ToC 
styles is forcing it's inclusion in the Map. I have removed numbering, but 
basic things like Font type and style should not be the issue ???


Re: Document map without ToC

Postby Pamelia Caswell via » Thu, 14 Jan 2010 13:47:29 GMT

Click the down arrow to the right of a TOC style name, then  click modify >
format > paragraph.  In the general section, make sure the outline level is
"Body Text".  If you had to change the setting, then you may have fixed your

If not, then I may not understand the situation. Just to clarify, are the
headings in your text styled as Heading 1, Heading 2, etc.? When you select
the whole TOC, right click, and toggle the field codes do you see something
like this: {TOC \o -3\h \z \u }? 


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