I accidently hit something and suddenly the computer was reading .



  • 1. Promptes to Save Without Changing the Document
    hi when opening Word files off the server -without making any changes, i'm prompted to save changes when clsoing the file. however when doing the same on a Word file off my local file, it does not prompt. i'd like to turn off these prompts. Microsoft's online support said to disable the Smart Tag feature. it worked but then again... what's the deal? any thoughts?
  • 2. Other help boards for Microsoft programs?
    First, a big thanks to you guys who help out those of us who are confused. Secondly, are there other newsgroups related to Internet Explorer or other Microsoft programs? I am trying to figure out if I can configure IE to kill pop-ups... I'm absolutely tired of them. Thanks, David
  • 3. Master and Subdocuments
    Hi, I've read the advice not to use master and subdocuments after I had already started. Nothing seems to be corrupt yet, however, transferring everything via CD between two different PC's is not easy. Is there a way to convert the entire document (master with expanded subdocuments) to a normal document? Or should I insert each individual file in it's place in the subdocument? Regards,
  • 4. Office XP Word only lists 3 fonts
    The drop down only lists Device Font 10cpi Device Font 12cpi and Device Font 17cpi All the original fonts are still listed under Control Panel/Fonts as they should be but I can not select them from the list. It I open a document created prior to the upgrade the proper fond is listed such as Timers New Roman 12 but I could only change it to those three options. How can I get Word to access the location for all fonts.

I accidently hit something and suddenly the computer was reading .

Postby RGF3bi0gZmxvcmlkYSBsYXc » Fri, 25 Feb 2005 04:01:04 GMT

please tell me how I got my word document to suddenly be read out loud by the 


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