Different hyperlink styles in the same doc


Different hyperlink styles in the same doc

Postby dmFsczU2 » Fri, 30 Sep 2005 02:16:04 GMT

Is it possible to use different hyperlink styles in the same document?  I 
would like to have different colours for the hyperlink underline for 
different types of hyperlinks.
Thanks in advance if you tell me how to do it. 

Re: Different hyperlink styles in the same doc

Postby Vals56 » Sat, 01 Oct 2005 07:51:39 GMT

Thanks Jay,

What I forgot to mention was that I wanted to save the document as a Web
page.  Unfortunately, when saving as HTML, Word changes formatting back to
blue underline.  As you might've guessed all that I wanted to do was to have
the colour of the underline the same as the hyperlink text.  This works fine
if you save it as a doc file, but reverts back to blue underline if you save
it as *.htm.

It is possible to open a web page created by Word with the Notepad and
manually edit HTML code, but it is very laborious.

Unfortunately FrontPage or any other web design software are out of the
question.  Users who have to modify these web pages on our network are not
trained in the web design software and don't have it installed.  That is why
I am trying to find a solution using Word.  It is the only thing our users
more or less understand.

I would be grateful if you can come with some other ideas or workarounds.

Thanks again,

Re: Different hyperlink styles in the same doc

Postby Bob S » Wed, 12 Oct 2005 10:10:41 GMT

If I change the definition of the Hyperlink Style so that Font Color
is Automatic instead of Blue, then the underline matches the text even
when I save it as HTML. Does this not work for you?

Bob S

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